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    The Terp Pen by Boundless is a very simple concentrate device that can be used in a variety of ways.  It is literally the size of a standard writing pen, available in silver or black, and it’s affordable at only $30US.


    The packaging is very nice for a low priced vape.  The Terp Pen comes with a loading tool, a cleaning brush, a micro-USB charging cable, and a great little instruction manual that’s very detailed. 

Charging and First Use

    Before using I cleaned all the removable parts with isopropyl alcohol, including the coil itself.  Let everything dry completely.  Then put a little concentrate on the coil, take off the outer sheath, and hit it.  This will season the coil but you won't inhale anything from it.  These are good first practices for flavour and life of your coils. 

    My Terp Pen’s battery was full out of the box, but to recharge just connect the micro-USB.  Blinking means it’s charging, solid means it’s 100%.  The battery life is nice, it went a good number of hits for me before needing a recharge, which surprised me for a budget-priced vape pen.


    The Terp Pen is as portable as can be, just 5.5” long and about as thick as a Sharpie marker, it really is the size of a pen and just as pocketable.  It isn’t heavy but still has some weight to it, and there is a soft rubberized finish that feels more premium than what I’d expect at this price. 

How It Works

    It is very easy to use, no buttons, just inhale-activation to heat up the coils and they get hot almost instantly to vaporize your concentrate.  There’s nothing to turn on/off, no temps to adjust, it is that simple.  There is a timer that shuts off after 10 seconds to keep you from roasting your coils too much.

Methods of Use

    Even though it is simple and easy to use, Boundless put some thought into the Terp Pen’s design and you can use it in a few different ways.

    First, like a nectar collector, just start inhaling and tap the pen directly into your concentrate.  Don’t keep it there for too long because the coils will start to soak it up.  Just a quick dip into your wax or shatter then keep inhaling for a full hit.  This works well either directly out of your concentrate dish or off a dabber.

    Second, you can pre-load.  Just dollop a small amount directly onto the coils while they’re cold or take a quick inhale to warm up the coils so your concentrate sticks to them a little easier.  Once your Terp Pen is loaded up, hit away whenever it’s convenient for you.  You can also pre-load with the magnetic tip, then it’ll easily travel in your pocket. 

    Finally, you can use the Terp Pen directly with a 14mm water piece.  Just put it into your piece either pre-loaded or adding concentrate to the coils as you inhale.  I really like that even though it is a very simplistic piece, it is much more flexible and capable than expected.

How to Load

    Two things to be aware of with the Terp Pen, be sure to not overload it and do not inhale too hard.  Overloading it will cause more concentrate to gunk up on the coils because it’s too much for them to handle and vaporize effectively.  I only load enough for one big hit, then reload after each rip.  I never load enough for two or more hits at once.  Inhaling too hard will mean your coils won’t have enough time to thoroughly vaporize everything on them, so you’ll be left with more reclaim to clean, and even worse the taste diminishes a lot without proper heating time.


    I don’t usually warm the coils before pre-loading, I just put a little bit on there cold.  If you’re working with material that’s difficult and doesn’t want to stay on the coils, give the Terp Pen a tiny inhale to warm them and the wax or shatter should stick easily.

    Hold your Terp Pen in any orientation and gently inhale.  When you do it right, even if the coils aren’t very clean, you’ll still get surprisingly good flavour.  As mentioned, you can use it as a nectar collector by inhaling while lightly touching the tip to your concentrate for just a second then continuing to breathe through it.  This is the easiest way to use the pen.  If you want to use it on a water piece, use a larger glob of wax and put it on your rig like you would any other vape. 

    The flavour is going to depend on how clean you keep your Terp Pen, how much material you use, and how fast you inhale through the hit.  Even hit dry, it’s not too harsh.  Through water, it’s nice and smooth.


    The Terp Pen is easy to clean.  It disassembles almost completely and cleans up with isopropyl alcohol.  This is almost always how I clean all my vapes because it’s so simple and effective.  Be sure to thoroughly air dry afterwards.

    To do regular cleaning of the coils, just do a good burn off.  Remove the body piece and inhale to heat the coils and remove any residues.  Pointing the pen downwards will burn off the most reclaim.  The way the Boundless Terp Pen cleans is a real testament to how efficiently it vapes material and how completely it delivers your dabs.

Overall First Impression

    For $30, the Terp Pen is a very proficient and straightforward vape that can be used in several different ways.  It’s versatility, performance, and crazy low price make this one easy to recommend.  It is ideal for road trips, camping, or using at home when you don’t want to get out the full dab setup.

    The Boundless Terp Pen can be yours for $30US at and it’s also available at


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