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Dr. Dabber Switch Initial Review | Induction Vape For Concentrate & Flower | Sneaky Pete's Vaporizer Reviews

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The Dr. Dabber Switch is the first vaporizer to bring induction technology to the market.ย  Induction provides for some unique advantages, the first one youโ€™ll notice is the insane heat up time, around 5 seconds!ย  The Switch is physically large and has a battery to match, lasting around 150 hits per charge.ย  The device works for both concentrate and flower with itโ€™s ceramic coated induction cups, and provides a great experience for concentrate and a unique experience for dry herb.ย  This device is going to be ideal for someone who likes to smoke and dab, but how will it work for vaporizer purists?ย  Join me as I share my first impressions on this new and unique device.

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