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Gentleman Recycler

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Put down your old water piece and reach for the Gentleman Recycler, the upper echelon of vapor refinement. Take advantage of the advanced design that a recycler brings to the table which transforms the raw gurgle of a standard bong into a more refined airflow pattern. When you inhale vapor through this piece it travels into a unique round tube-style percolator with eight slits which provide massive airflow and quieter chug for crazy good filtration and discretion. The distinctive recycling action allows you to rip this recycler way harder than most similarly sized water pieces.

To add even further to the refined vaping experience, the Gentleman Recycler features a bolstered non-frosted 14mm female joint that provides additional strength to the down-stem, as well as a super clean look. This unit is built not just for looks, but for stability and practicality, providing the distinguished experience that you deserve. The Gentleman Recycler has a comfortable flumed mouthpiece, is big enough to provide ample vapor cooling, while remaining small enough to fit on any desk. This piece is perfect for beginners and veterans alike due to its incomparable hits and great filtration. The Gentleman Recycler, rise to the altitude you deserve.