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**Thank you to everyone that entered the contest! Congratulations to the winner of the 24k Gold Volcano Classic, A. P. from Marlborough, Massachusetts.  Thank you for entering and please stay tuned for more contests soon!**

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Hey guys, it’s Sneaky Pete here and today we’re going to do something that everyone always likes: a giveaway!

But this isn’t going to be any old giveaway, this is definitely one you are going to want to enter as we are going to be giving away a 24-karat gold plated Volcano Classic!

The Volcano Classic is an absolutely iconic vaporizer, and this year it celebrates its 20th anniversary, and for the 20th anniversary they decided to plate it in actual 24k gold which gives it this stunning look you see here.  It looks good on video, but in person this vape is just marvellous to behold.

The Volcano has always been a special one for me, as it was one of my very first vaporizers way back when. It was definitely my first good and proper vaporizer, and if I didn’t knock it off of my dresser, I’m sure I’d still be using it today.

As much as I like the new hybrid version, the classic model has its own charms and benefits. I really like that it has physical buttons rather than a touchscreen as it’s much easier to use it in the dark, it has this classic dial, so you select your temperature that way rather than by touch, and then it also uses the classic loading chamber rather than the new style on the hybrid.

If you’ve never used a Volcano before and you are an avid vaporist, you owe it to yourself to try and use one as there’s a reason that this thing has been around for 20 years; it’s just that good.

Filling up a fat bag of vapour and then being able to hit that at your leisure just creates a super relaxing experience, and it’s a very easy vaporizer to share with your friends during the session, you can even throw the bag to them across the room.

It’s also extremely efficient, amazingly consistent in its temperature, and then with that mainly convection vapour it also hits really hard, while still being super smooth even without water. 

Even if you already own a Volcano, you’ll still want to enter to win this 24-karat gold edition as this bad boy will hold a special place in your collection; they don’t plan on making them again, so this is the perfect opportunity to snag one.

Ok that all sounds great, so how do you enter?

Entering the contest is super easy and it should take no more than two minutes of your time at most. All you need to do is:

Step 1:

- subscribe to Sneaky Pete Vaporizers

Step 2:

- subscribe to GWNVC

Step 3:

- join the Sneaky Pete Video Club 

And that’s it!  I hope everyone here is already subscribed to both channels and the Video Club...but if you’re not there’s no time like the present.

The contest will run until the end of the month and the winner will be emailed on Feb 1. I’ll also post their initials & city in the comment section of this video in case you win, and you miss the email.

That’s all there is, you’re going to want to spend the 2 minutes to enter, as these retail for about $600USD.

So, while you do those 3 steps to enter, I’m going to cook up some fat bags in my 24k gold Volcano Classic and exercise some blatant disregard for the rest of my afternoon.


* Maximum 3 entries per individual


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    I was already subscribed to the fidst 2 not the third am i entered to win thd golden volcano

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    Dynavap2020 m was my favorite vape for 2020

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