A Complete 4 Vape Kit Pt.1 Assembling a complete kit with only four vaporizers.

Hey guys, today I want to go over a complete four vaporizer set up. The idea behind this video is to consider somebody starting out from scratch who has zero vaporizers and wants to assemble themselves a proper set up.

I don’t think there is one perfect vaporizer that can do it all, as they are all geared to be good at one or a couple specific aspects of the process. However, I do feel that with as little as four vaporizers, you can totally cover all your bases to give you a complete kit. There are a lot of different for vaporizers kit that would cover everything, so this video will be part one and I will do others, but this kit will be geared towards the beginner who doesn’t want to spend top dollar but still wants great results.

Portable - Healthy Rips Rogue

A portable is a must have choice in your new collection. When I think about vaporizers, I consider a battery-operated portable device the default sort of choice, and other variations branch off from this standard. They offer a more relaxed session style use, which is perfect for sitting around and having multiple back-to-back hits on the go, as well as passing it around in a group to get everyone partying. They also offer enough battery life for you to have multiple reloads of the device before you need to think about charging them, to offer a truly untethered experience.

The Healthy Rips Rogue is an excellent choice for a portable battery powered vaporizer. It is one of those devices that does a good job at everything, it’s an all-around utility sort of player. It provides substantial battery life, and if you want to load up dosing capsules to keep things easy, you can change out many capsules before you are going to need to charge this. You can press the button at any time to check your battery level which is handy, and it also gives you USB-C charging which makes that large battery charge much faster.
The body is made from a Kirksite alloy which is covered in a rubber like finish, meaning that this is a super strong device that can take some knocks and bumps, but do treat your electronics with care.

The bowl itself is made from stainless steel, and it travels through a glass tube inside the mouthpiece, meaning your air path is going from the stainless-steel bowl, through glass, into your mouth, though you do get protection from the plastic body around the glass.
The mouthpiece is perfect for portable use, but it can be swapped out for the accessory mount as well. The accessory mount includes a glass mouthpiece, which has better mouthfeel than the other one, although it is more breakable.

However, the accessory mount also lets you add things like a glass bubbler, a water pipe adapter to use this through a water piece, or one of our BubbleMax which is my favourite way to use this one through water on the go. The visual menu is easy to navigate, and it gives you the basic functions you want like control over the session timer to maximize your battery life, but it doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles. As soon as you turn it on it will start heating up to your previously set temperature, and while this isn’t an on-demand vaporizer, it does arrive at temperature very quickly, and it is ready to spit out vapour as soon as it is at temperature. Both the vapour production and the vapour quality are very good on the Rogue. With the bowl set up you’re getting primarily convection vapor, they say it is all convection, but the wall of the oven does gets warm, so I think that adds in some conduction, but either way the hits are large, while maintaining excellent flavour.

If you have a full battery charge, five full doses in capsules which equals one pack of them, as well as the default plastic mouthpiece, you have yourself an excellent portable vaporizer set up, that will give you a ton of life and sessions before you will need to charge, while impressing anybody with its vapour output. It is a reasonably priced device that comes in a convenient palm size package, while still being a strong and resilient device to keep up with the demands of a portable vaporizer.

Desktop - XQ2

A desktop unit is a key component of everybody’s set up. They maintain a permanent physical place in somebody’s collection, and as they plug in to the wall, they offer unlimited power, both in terms of wall power not needing a battery or charging, but also in terms of offering powerful devices. Desktops can also be left on for long periods of time, leading to an extremely convenient system. I really like having a device that I can walk up to and hit at any time of the day without needing to wait for it to heat up.

The XQ2 is an awesome new desktop from Arizer, and it carries on from the extremely popular and insanely reliable EQ. The Arizer EQ is the Toyota Corolla of desktop Vaporizers, it’s a reliable workhorse that is built to run forever, and the XQ2 brings a nice overall modernization to the rock-solid foundation. The XQ2 brings a full colour screen with a detailed menu structure that you can fully control on the device. They also have dedicated buttons that are going to control virtually everything you use day today which is super handy, but when you want to get into it even more just go into the menus. The device includes a remote which at first seems like a gimmick, but it’s super handy, as it gives you even more control than the device itself gives with the physical buttons, but you still get the benefit of physical buttons with the remote and you can use it from across the room, so it’s the best of both worlds.

You can use the XQ2 in two different formats, the first is with the whip. The whip gives you a long silicone tube leading to a glass mouthpiece, and this is very convenient to use when you have your device on a coffee table or side table.  You can keep the bowl on the device and loaded with flower, and simply have a good pull whenever you want, or you can turn on the fan assist to blow the vapour right down your throat. The whip is also easy to use with a water piece if you use one of our master adapters on the glass mouthpiece tip.

The next way you can use your XQ2 is with a balloon, and I find this method even more convenient. This allows you to fill a balloon using the fan assist, and then you can hit that bag either right away, or at your leisure over the next couple of minutes. The large surface area of the balloon really helps to cool your vapour down, but it doesn’t get funky quickly like it does with a leftover hit in a bong.

The glass mouthpiece on the balloon is also a 10mm male size, meaning you can interface this directly with a 10mm female water piece or adapter. I find this the easiest way to use the device through a water piece, and it is extraordinarily smooth when you do so.
The updated bowl on the XQ2 gives you two different options, essentially it has a party bowl and an efficiency bowl. One of them let you load in a ton of flower for a real party situation, while the other one is designed to give you a much more efficient experience. Overall, I prefer the party bowl as it spits out a lot more vapour with the flower being closer to the heater, but you can get good results with either one. The XQ2 gives you all the options you need in the desktop vaporizer, while remaining easy to use and budget friendly.

Heavy Hitter - CFX+

A heavy hitter device is one that spits out a lot of vapour without requiring a lot of effort; it’s a must have in everyone’s collection. There is always a time and a place for heavy hitting, sometimes you just need to take it to that extra level, or you just need to get there in a hurry. Heavy hitters are also important for converting sceptical friends. The last thing you want with somebody who says vaporizers don’t work is to wait for a five-minute heat up time and get a wispy hit. A true heavy hitter can convert even the most sceptical combustor.

The new Boundless CFX+ is a great choice for a newer user, or a regular user who wants a dead simple, straightforward handheld that absolutely spews out vapour once it is at temperature. If you have that cynical friend who laughs at the lighter sort of hits and says they don’t feel anything, just take your CFX+, stuff that massive oven full of flower, and then turn it up to 410°, then hand that their way. The amount of vapour this thing spews out back-to-back to back is impressive, and the tokes are super thick as well.

The CFX+ comes in a very portable package, as it no longer has the fold out mouthpiece like the larger CFX had, but rather it has a zirconia cooling path within this magnetically attached mouthpiece. This gives it a way better profile, and better mouth feel than the very wide mouthpiece of the CFX. There is also a built-in stirring tool in the mouthpiece, which is a handy addition and something I always love to see. Looking down in the device you see the large ceramic bowl, and large feels like an understatement on this one. Also keep in mind this is a pure conduction vaporizer, meaning its heating comes from contact to the sides of the hot chamber, which is going to infiltrate its way into the centre mass. This allows you to fill your device even more full of material to a degree, meaning you can super load this thing to get the most potential vapour possible per oven pack.

It is an easy device to use, on the side you have two buttons which are used to control all functions, and this is made much easier by the inclusion of a large full colour screen on the front. Not only does this look cool and make the device feel higher end, but it also means you can visually read all menu settings, which is much easier than using a series of LEDs for example. The CFX+ also offers four present temperatures, which is a great tool for new users who have no idea where they should start. The temperatures are logically stepped up so that you can try something light to very heavy, but you can also go into precision mode which gives you single degree temperature adjustment.

You get a huge amount of battery life on the CFX+, and they also included USB-C charging to get you up to a full charge much faster. With that big battery, easy to see bright screen, simple navigation of the upgraded interface, as well as the convenient compact size, this a great overall device. Once you add the massive bowl and borderline excessive vapour output, the CFX+ is an excellent choice for your first heavy hitter.

Flavour Forward - Add-A-Cap

Finally, you need something that is geared towards providing the maximum flavour possible from your session. Flavour forward devices can also spit out clouds, but usually their output is on the smaller side, while the flavour gets turned up to 11. They also tend to offer a very pure experience, without a lot of plastic or other material being involved, though they can come in different shapes and sizes. The one thing they will all have in common is making your flower taste exactly like it smells, and keep in mind that can be good or bad.

The glass Add-A-Cap is a device constructed completely from glass, screen, and all. While you use a DynaVap Cap, it is very different from a DynaVap in terms of the function. At its core it’s really a glass one hitter, which uses a DynaVap cap to heat the load. The Add-A-Cap comes in several different sizes and styles, and we sell this one exclusively on our Canadian site vapenorth.ca.  The one thing they all have in common is the front end, and this end is made on a glass lathe. This gives you the airflow channels as well as the crown top, meaning you’re going to get proper airflow rather than everything sitting tight and sealed. In the front end of the Add-A-Cap you will see a permanent glass screen, meaning you don’t have to worry about changing or damaging a CCD.

On all the models except for the 14mm male version that works with a water piece, they each feature a carb hole, which lets you get some fresh air mixed in to cool it down or to better clear it out. The reason that the Add-A-Cap gives such good flavour is because of the unique properties of the all-glass design. With a DynaVap, there are a variety of approaches that you can use to heat it up, either angling for better flavour or for more vapour. The Add-A-Cap cap is meant to be used in one fashion, and that is hitting it mid cap, not looking to give it any extra heat past the click, as this can lead to combustion.

You can also load in a very small amount in your Add-A-Cap, as this is designed to be used one hit at a time, giving you the most pure, fresh flavour that you can possibly get from your flower. While you might get vapour from your second or third DynaVap hit with a full chamber, you aren’t getting good flavour. The best flavour comes from the freshest flower, so using this one hit at a time is the ideal method for flavour maximization. The flavour that you get with the Add-A-Cap is incredible. I don’t think I have tasted something that is quite like this, I consider this a real flavour reference device, as it is so insanely pure and plentiful, and seems to strip all the terps from the flower.

It’s not the sort of device that is designed to give you dark blackened flower, however it feels like all the desirable active compounds and terpenes are fully stripped from your flower, leading to a very lively experience. The Add-A-Cap comes in a straight version, a 3-D version with cooling nipples, as well as this beaded version with these vivid red beads to help cool things down. The last version is a 14mm male water pipe adapter, made to be used through a water piece. Keep in mind these are glass not metal, so let the glass fully cool in between hits for best results. I have had my original models going for over five months now, so when used properly they should last indefinitely.

Thanks so much for watching guys I really appreciate it,