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Arizer Air 2/Solo 2 Glass Adapter

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The adapter fits directly into your Arizer Air 2/Solo 2, replacing the traditional stem. It is very easy to install on your device, and it's just as easy to remove (it has a tight fit, heat your device before you place it into your vaporizer for the first time). Once it's installed, you can use your vape with a water tool! Water-filtered vapor is cooler and it allows you to take larger hits, it's amazing what your device can do with one of these. Highly recommended for all Air 2/Solo 2 owners. The adapter has a 14mm or 18mm male joint, so you can plug this directly into a 14mm female joint or 18mm female joint on your water tool.

Key Features:

- Compatible with the Arizer Air 2/Solo 2

- Replaces the standard mouthpiece to allow you to use your vaporizer with a water piece

- Great airflow for big hits

- Available in both 14mm and 18mm male sizes

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