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    The ArGo is a new ultra-portable vaporizer from Arizer.  It is a great addition to their lineup of portables which includes the Solo 2 and Air 2, but the ArGo really does take portability to a whole different level.  It is a session style vape with slower extraction than the other portables.  Its heat comes from a mix of convection and conduction, and the stems are made from pure glass so you still get the same fantastic flavour and purity as the other vapes from this iconic brand.

    The ArGo features a nice OLED screen and three buttons to adjust everything you need, including changing the temperature in single-degree increments.  The body of the ArGo is made from a mix of hard rubberized plastic with a metallic midsection.  It fits really nicely in your hand or a small pocket, by far the most portable vaporizer in Arizer’s lineup.  The design of the body is interesting.  Some people have complained about having to pack the stems, which makes sense as it is much less portable.  The Go features a push top function which pops up to protect your glass stem with the body of the vape itself, although it does leave a big hole there when empty.

    It comes in nice packaging with a good instruction manual.  Two glass stems and a poker are included as well as a long charging cord and a wall adapter.  They even include some screens, stem caps, and a little carrying case.  It really seems like a shrunken down and more travel-friendly Air 2 in a lot of ways.  The stem is a different size, so you can’t use it with your other Arizer accessories.  We do have custom-made accessories designed for the ArGo on both and!


    Like all the Arizer products, the ArGo is super easy to use.  It has a two-second power on delay like the Air 2, which is our preferred choice.  To turn it on hold down the menu button and the plus button.  Press the menu button to adjust different settings like the audio level of the beeps, the power on delay length, and the automatic shut-off timer.  You can also change temperature units between Celsius or Fahrenheit, the display brightness, and the temperature check to let you know when it has gotten up to the desired heat level.  It’d be nice to see this in every vape without vibration.  When you want to exit the menu just stop pressing buttons.

    Now press up or down to begin heating to your last temperature.  We found 375F (or 190C) to be just about the sweet spot.  Scoop your stem down into your grinder to load it up.  Go for a more coarse grind because there isn’t a screen in these stems (and we don’t recommend using them, it doesn’t really improve the experience).  Pack it up full but not too tight.  Even more so than other vapes in this family, be sure to NOT insert the stem while it’s still cold!  Let it heat up a good five minutes at the highest temp setting and then insert it very carefully.

    Once it beeps, you’re all set to enjoy your session.  The draw resistance is about the same as the Air 2 and Solo 2.  When you’re done vaping, turn your ArGo off by holding the menu button.  Now you can pop up the push top to protect your stem for travelling.  Cleaning the piece is also really simple, which is another reason we love the Arizer family.  Simply wash the stem in isopropyl alcohol and it’ll be clean as new.


    The Arizer Go is really for dry herb only.  We wouldn’t use it with concentrates.  That said, you could add a tiny bit in with a load of herb and you should be fine.  You just don’t want it dripping down into the oven and the air ports, so use caution if you do this.


    The ArGo’s battery life is really good, especially for a vape this size.  It has about the same life as the battery in an Air 2, rated for 90 minutes of use per charge.  This long battery life makes it great for a portable travel vape, especially when you add in some extra batteries as they are interchangeable.  For its first use, be sure to charge it up fully.  A fully charge from completely drained will take about three hours.  You can use the vape while it’s charging as long as it’s not completely dead and has a slight charge in it.  Arizer does not recommend using third party batteries and doing so can void your warranty.


    The heat up time is around the same as the Air 2.  It’ll take about a minute to heat up, maybe a little bit longer.  It is definitely not the fastest heating vape, and vapour is typically ready about ten seconds after reaching temperature.  It would be nice if it was a bit faster for quick sessions.


    The taste of your flower will be very pure, as you’d expect from the all-glass stems and Arizer heating technology.  Expect to get an awesome case of the terp tongue on the first few hits of each fresh bowl.  The vapour is superior to most vaporizers in this size range such as the Pax, the Fury 2, etc.  It really isn’t harsh at all, again very similar to an Air 2.  It’s not quite as good as vapour from the Solo 2, but this is somewhat unavoidable in smaller vapes.  The hit size isn’t mind-blowing, it is more of a sipper than a ripper.  You will get lots of tasty and satisfying hits per session.  We have custom-made accessories for the ArGo on both websites, including a water pipe adapter, bubble straw, etc.  Check them out here and here  All in all, the vapour quality for the ArGo is really impressive considering its size.


    The ArGo is peak efficiency.  You only need a tiny bit of herb in your stem for a lengthy session or even two if you stretch it out.  Smaller bowls that are filled more loosely seem to produce more flavourful vapour than larger, more densely stuffed bowls.  Also, when you load your stem with a looser pack you won’t need to stir it during your session, and your ABV will be very even and not charred.  Make sure to keep your herb up in the stem and not down at the end.  You want to avoid letting the material touch the heater directly to ensure the most even vape.


    For something so small and light, it feels very substantial in the hand.  It weighs 97 grams and measures 52mm x 24mm x 83/93mm (2” x 1” x 3/3.5”).  It doesn’t feel cheap or fragile despite being so small and lightweight.  The push top has a great feel.  Time will tell if it stands up to use but it does feel well-built.  The ArGo comes with a two-year warranty that excludes the battery and glass.


    This little vape gets very high marks for stealth.  It’s nearly palmable and easy to fit in any pocket or bag.  The ability to recess the stem definitely makes the piece much easier to safely take on the go as it’s no longer necessary to carry two separate pieces.  Despite the small size, the Arizer Go still has a good battery life and bowl capacity, but it’d be nice if it could heat up faster.  Overall though the ArGo is fantastic for use outside the home and you can always pack a couple extra stems to take along with you, because if one loaded stem is good, six loaded stems are much, much better.


    The ArGo is on par with the other Arizer devices.  You can get more hits with the ArGo during a session than some other similar vapes but it will get you to the level you want to be at, that’s for sure.  It isn’t meant to be a one-hitter quitter so much as it is a sit back and pass around a group of friends kind of vape.


    A cornerstone advantage for the Go.  Arizer’s products are legendary for convenience, and the ArGo is a perfect fit in the family.  It is very easy to load your herb.  It’s also easy to figure out the menu and simple controls.  There’s no app, custom sessions, et cetera (which most of us never use anyway).  It is also really easy to clean.  If you want a no-fuss ultra-portable travel vape, the ArGo is one to seriously consider.


    This is the highest priced portable Arizer sells, about 10% more than a Solo 2.  Right now, we have it for $263.97CAD on and $202.97USD on  The ArGo really falls more into the “premium” priced category, but again it is a top-quality device.  You’re paying a little extra to keep that high-end vapour output in a device that is extremely portable.  If you’re not going to use it outside the home, consider an Air 2 or Solo 2 instead.


    The ArGo’s size is so small even with the push top popped up that it makes other vapes feel quite large in comparison.  It’s easy to use, easy to master, and great for a first timer.  We receive a lot of calls from senior medical patients that want something very easy to use.  The ArGo is definitely a great choice for those patients.  The vapour quality is comparable to the bigger vaporizers.  It is pretty much a miniaturized Air 2 which is impressive considering the difference in assembled sizes.  You’ve also got to love Arizer’s reputation as one of the most well-respected manufacturers in the industry.  This is one of the few vapes you could honestly consider taking for an extended road trip without bringing a backup piece, it's rare to find this kind of reliability in any electronic vape.


    The stem was excessively tough to get in the first time, it seemed like it might break.  Consider heating it up longer than five minutes the first couple times but after this, it should be fine to use normally.  The stems can also get a little warm with longer hits but they do cool off pretty quickly in between.  If you want to do back to back to back sessions you may notice the glass get a little warm on the lips. 

    We weren’t a big fan of the rubberized material because isopropyl alcohol can potentially harm it.  When cleaning your stems, if you do wipe down the body of the vape as well, be careful to avoid getting the alcohol on the rubber part.  We also wish the stem sizes were standardized across the entire Arizer lineup so you didn’t need to buy all new black stems, water pipe adapters, bubble straws, etc. with each new piece in their collection.  Also, there desperately needs to be a lint cover, somebody please invent this for Pete’s sake! (lol sorry 🙁)


    The Arizer Go is a killer ultra-portable designed for those who want the quality vaping experience that Arizer is known for in something that is infinitely easier to take with you on the go.  The push top does a good job of protecting your stem so now you can finally travel without having to take two separate items.  The battery life and vapour quality are similar to the Air 2, but the ArGo is a fraction of the size, and don’t underestimate how much easier it is to carry a device with this shape rather than a round cylinder design.  If you’re in search of a high-end ultra-portable vape that doesn’t sacrifice battery life, options, or most importantly vapour quality in exchange for reduced size, the ArGo is definitely a piece you will want to consider!



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