The Arizer Solo 2 Sneaky Pete Review

The Arizer Solo 2 is the follow up to the legendary Arizer Solo. The OG Solo was the first portable I ever owned and it worked like hot damn until I gave it away. The Solo 2 is a session style vape using primarily convection heating with some conduction. It also features an air path that’s isolated from any electronics.

The Solo 2 is much smaller than its predecessor. Despite that fact, it still has a better battery, a nice new screen, and more adjustability. The vapor experience I better and heat up time is quicker as well. Even though it is much smaller than the first Solo it still doesn’t compare to a Pax 3 or IQ for example, but those smaller vapes can’t touch the battery life of the Solo 2, there’s always a tradeoff.

Your new Solo 2 will come with a good number of accessories. You can use the included screens if you want to but I don’t. No point in adding unnecessary metal to the stem. It is nice that they include multiple stems, caps, and a holder if you’re on the go. The instructions are very straightforward and they have a nice video online where you can learn everything you need.


The new screen and menus offer a nice upgrade and modernize the Solo 2. Hold the middle and top buttons to turn it on. Now press up or down to start heating the vape. It will automatically go to your last temperature with the first button press. The vape heats up very quickly but it is not ready to go when it says it’s warm. As a rule of thumb, I generally wait around 30 – 60 seconds to let vapor build up. Your first time using it make sure you wait until the Solo 2 is totally warm before inserting the glass stem. Not doing so can result in breakage. 

You’ll find your Solo 2 very easy to load. You can scoop your stem into ground herb or just place a whole bud in there and press it down for the best flavor. Now just insert the stem into the unit and inhale. The Solo 2 has improved draw resistance so the first hit is wispy but after the material warms up it pumps out serious vapor. I feel like the glass stem needs a shotgun hole though because it’s tough to not leave some vapor in the stem. To turn it off hold down the middle button, or just wait for the automatic shut off. Tap out the stem to unload it. Brush it out and soak it in isopropyl alcohol when necessary. The Solo 2 is very low maintenance.


It is really for dry herb only. You can always to the classic concentrate and herb sandwich in the stem though, and in the Solo 2 it won’t get too gummed up. It is awesome for dry herb. Pro tip: throw in some pressed kief.


The battery life is awesome, as you’d expect from the Solo. The battery is not removable though, which would have been nice. On the other hand, it lasts forever even with longer sessions, which is impressive. It will take a long time to charge and it cannot be charged from a USB but it does have pass through ability so you can use it while it's charging. The battery life is really impressive. They say it can last up to 20 sessions of ten minutes.


This is much improved from the first Solo. The new Solo arrives at temperature in as little as 20 seconds. If you pull on it right away the first hit will be wispy and the second hit, less so. If you wait 20 extra seconds after it’s warm you will get nice vapor from the very first pull. I wish this was more accurate, I hate when vapes say they’re warm but they’re still not really ready to use yet. Still, the Solo 2 is very quick and you won’t feel left waiting.


The vapor is superb from the Solo 2. When using whole buds, the flavor is knockout good. I change my bowls often as I’m a flavor chaser and this delivers. The size of the hits are as big as you want. At 375F it puts out more vapor than many devices do at higher temperatures. It can be a little on the warm side and your throat can feel a little raspy after extended use. It isn’t that it’s harsh, just not extremely smooth. Overall, vapor production is just great. I really enjoy kicking back for a session with my Solo 2.


Like the first version, the Solo 2 has amazing efficiency. A little tiny bit of herb in your stem can produce many hits or even multiple sessions. My sessions were much longer than usual and I still got many hits and sessions from a single pack.


Like all Arizer products, this beast is military grade. It feels as solid as they come and doesn’t get even the slightest bit warm with extended use. Your Solo 2 is also covered by one of the best warranties in the business. You never hear about Arizers breaking, so highest marks here.


The Solo 2 is much more pocketable and portable than the original but it is still very large for a portable. It fits more into the semi-portable category, especially with the external glass stems that are required. The new shape is much better for traveling, though.


Like the original, the effects for the Solo 2 are about average for this type of vaporizer. The heater keeps up with multiple pulls so it’s very easy to get up to a better level quickly.


The Solo 2 is to easy to use. This is a great vaporizer for first timers or people who don’t like fussing with lots of little parts and things. Every aspect of the old Solo has been improved on. The new screen is simple but completely functional, like all Arizer products. There is a good airpath and quality materials are used making the flavor amazing. The heater can handle back to back to back hits with regular frequency. The new shape makes it much easier to hold and transport than the original Solo. It is super easy to load. That’s something that is often overlooked in a quality vaporizer. It’s also a breeze to clean and will work with existing accessories and has the same size stems, which is always nice.


The stem design makes it hard to clear, it needs a carb hole. A vaporizer this size should have a vibration motor included. A removable battery would have been nice too. My screen had a smudge behind the glass, but it was a pre-production unit so I can’t fault it too much for that. Holding to turn on takes too long, it should be only half that length of time. Also, the buttons don’t have the best feel. They’re kind of shaky and they rattle.


The Solo 2 is a fantastic update to a venerable classic. It is one of the easiest vaporizers to use and has a rock-solid design. The vapor path if very pure and Arizer used excellent materials to achieve great flavor with heavy duty vapor production. The Solo 2 has superb battery life and you can preload stems to have several at the ready for a day out on the go. This is another great entry from Arizer and it is a perfect vaporizer for someone who wants a great balance of simplicity with performance.

Check out the Solo 2 and compatible accessories here!

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