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The Boundless Terp Pen is a surprisingly good concentrate device for $30. Discreet, lightweight, and versatile, it’s an easy vape pen to recommend for budget users—or as a handy device for vaping concentrates on the go. Nice work, Boundless.

In a Nutshell

Easy to use  *  Smart design  *  Versatile  *  Affordable

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The Boundless Terp Pen: What’s Included

This kit includes a loading tool, a cleaning brush, a micro-USB cable, and the Terp Pen itself. In the video above I review the black model, but there are silver and teal versions available too. The Terp Pen is about as portable as they come at 5.5” long and about the same diameter as a Sharpie marker. So it really is the size of a pen, and just as discreet and pocketable. It’s not heavy but still has a nice heft to it. There’s a soft rubberized finish that’s quite subtle. It’s not overdone as I’ve seen with some cheap vape pens which gives the Boundless an unexpected premium feel.

You also get a detailed but concise instruction manual for the Terp Pen with all the key features laid out nice and easy. I wish more manufacturers would try to emulate this simplicity. The packaging comes with a child lock on the side which is something I’ve never seen before. I guess this prevents little kids from getting their hands on it if they happen to intercept your mail, as well as giving you a safer option for storage.

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Charging and First Use

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Before using the Boundless Terp Pen, I cleaned all the removable parts, including the coils, with isopropyl alcohol. This gets rid of any factory residue which isn’t something you want to inhale. Then I let everything dry completely in front of a fan.

Next I did a burn off without inhaling. I put a little dollop of concentrate on the coils and hit it without the sheath. This seasons the coils and is a good practice to use with any new vape to improve the flavour and performance.

The Terp Pen arrived with a full charge out of the box. The battery life is decent; it gave a good number of hits before needing to recharge, so for the size and the price, the battery is sound. To charge it up, just connect the pen via the micro-USB cable and leave it alone for 45-60 minutes for a full battery. The light blinks while charging and turns solid blue when it’s done.

How To Use a Boundless Terp Pen

The Terp Pen is super easy to use because it’s inhale-activated. There are no buttons or temperature settings to configure, and there’s no need to turn it on or off. Simply inhale to send power down to the coils. They get hot almost instantly to vaporize your concentrate. Note that there’s a built-in timer that shuts the heat off after 10 seconds to keep you from roasting your coils.

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Even though it’s extremely user friendly, there are two things I’d point out when using the Boundless Terp Pen if you want to get the best efficiency and flavor.

  1. Don’t overload it. If you load too much concentrate, it’ll just gunk up on the coils and you’ll end up with lots of reclaim which is wasteful. I only load enough for one big hit, or two regular hits, then reload.

  2. Don’t inhale too hard. The coils won’t have enough time to thoroughly vaporize your concentrate, so you’ll be left with more reclaim to clean. This also diminishes the taste, so inhale slow and steady to allow proper heating and achieve the best hit and flavor.

Four Ways to Hit The Boundless Terp Pen

The designers at Boundless really put some thought into the design of their Terp Pen, allowing you to use it in four different ways:

  1. Nectar collector. Place the tip of the pen into the concentrate as you inhale. This pulls it into the coils so you get your hit. I wouldn’t hold it in there the whole time as it can absorb too much concentrate, so start inhaling, place it in the concentrate, then lift it out. This is a super easy way to use your Terp Pen, either straight off your dab tool or off your concentrate dish.

  2. Pre-load. Gently place a dollop of concentrate onto the coils when they’re cold, or take a quick inhale to warm them up and help the concentrate stick a little easier. Once you’re loaded up, simply take a smooth hit.

  3. Vape pen. If you want to use your Terp Pen on the go, you can pre-load your concentrate, replace the magnetic cap and stick it in your pocket for later. The cap has holes in the side for airflow so you can hit it with the cap on—and vertically. There’s no need to hold it horizontally.

  4. Water piece. My preference is to place the Boundless Terp Pen in a 14mm water piece. You want to inhale nice and gentle, then just pull it out and clear the chamber. This is a super easy way to do a dab through water and gives the smoothest hits.

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What’s The Flavor Like?

I find the flavor quality of the Terp Pen varies quite a bit depending on how careful you are with your load size and inhalation speed. I’m a flavor seeker though, so I can be quite picky. If you get the load and inhalation wrong, you just get lots of reclaim and a poorer flavor because the vaporization is incomplete. However, with good technique as described above, the Terp Pen gives surprisingly good hits for what, let’s not forget, is a $30 concentrate pen.

In terms of the harshness, dry hits are a little harsh—not too harsh, but it’s definitely there, so I prefer to hit it through water which makes the vapor really smooth.

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Extra Tips for The Boundless Terp Pen

  • Warming the coils. I don’t usually warm the coils before pre-loading. I just put a little bit of concentrate on cold. However, if you’re working with a difficult wax or shatter that doesn’t want to stay on the coils, give the Terp Pen a tiny inhale to warm them up and your material should stick easily.

  • Orientation. You can hold your Terp Pen at any angle when you inhale. When you do it right, even if the coils aren’t very clean, you’ll get surprisingly good flavour. As I mentioned, the easiest way to get a hit is using it as a nectar collector and holding it vertically while you inhale gently.

How to Clean Your Terp Pen

The Boundless Terp Pen is very easy to clean. You can unscrew almost all the parts and drop them in a bag of just enough isopropyl alcohol to submerge everything. Don’t leave it overnight or anything like that; just soak the parts and gently shake up the bag until the iso has touched everything. You want to have it in there for as short a duration as possible.

You can’t soak the main body, so just give it a wipe with an alcohol pad and get right inside the opening that holds the coils. Thoroughly clean your Terp Pen like this on a regular basis to keep the performance top notch, and make sure you completely air dry the parts afterwards, preferably with a fan, before you reassemble them.

To clean the coils, do a good burn off. This is really simple thanks to the Boundless design: once you take the main body piece off, the inhale-activated sensor still works even though you don’t have a complete air path. This means you can take a long draw to remove all the coil residue without actually inhaling anything. Pointing the pen downwards will burn off the most reclaim. The way the Boundless pen cleans so easily is a testament to how efficiently it vaporizes and delivers your dabs.

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Boundless Terp Pen Summary

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This isn’t designed to be a connoisseur’s device—but for $30 you get a proficient and straightforward concentrate vaporizer that you can use in a number of different ways. The versatility, overall performance, and affordable price make the Boundless Terp Pen a really easy device to recommend. It’s something that would be perfect for road trips, camping, or any time you’re out and about and don’t want to bring your full torch and dab setup.

You can pick up the Boundless Terp Pen at the Sneaky Pete Store (US) or Vape North (international), with discreet shipping and the lowest price guaranteed.

Be sure to check out my other vaporizer reviews, published on both my stores in video and written review formats to help you make the best vape choices. See you next time.

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