2021 Colored DynaVap M Review

Hey guys, it’s Sneaky Pete here and as much as some of us may not like it, it’s looking like summer is over and fall is on the way. The green leaves are changing color and transitioning into a beautiful new fall canopy. And speaking of new colors, it’s also that time of the year when we get some new Colored DynaVap M’s, how did you like that smooth segue?

The 2021 DynaVap M saw some beautiful design changes that gave us a stunning device and it looks even better in the three new color options - the rich blue Azurium, the stunning pink Rosium, and for the first time in the Colored M range, my favorite of the bunch, the brand new green Verdium.

Vape Design

The 2021 DynaVap M has come a long way since the original M was released in 2016

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Before we go over the new colors, first let’s talk about the 2021 DynaVap M briefly. The M is DynaVap‘s most popular product, and with each new generation they deliver function and aesthetic improvements.

The 2021 DynaVap M has come a very long way since the original M was released in 2016, it has a beautiful body with a complex texture on the tapered section, with the same texture mimicked on the section near the mouthpiece. The chiral airport which looks like an ‘M’ is a neat detail, and the angled rocker on the back does a great job of drawing your fingers to it.

It also has a completely redesigned tip which allows significantly more airflow and can stab your flower for loading (so you don’t need a grinder) and the adjust-a-bowl, so you can alter the bowl size without a Sneaky Pete Half-Bowl Converter. The 2021 M fits natively into any 10mm female water piece, the tolerances of the tip have been greatly improved, so it slides in there like a gentleman. You can even use it with concentrate by adding a DynaCoil.

For detailed information about the form and function of the DynaVap M 2021, check out my review here.

The Coloring Process

Physical vapor deposition is a very resilient form of metal coating

On the slick 2021 M design DynaVap uses a physical vapor deposition (or PVD) process to get the vibrant and varied colors. While most people are familiar with the process of anodizing metal to produce amazing colors, PVD is quite different. PVD is the process of taking physical matter, vaporizing it, then that vaporized material applies itself evenly to the M as a particulate and turns back to a solid material.

PVD is a very resilient form of metal coating, significantly more resilient than something like anodization, it’s used on drill bits and even the new iPhone because of its durability as well as the shiny good looks. You’ll notice when you handle one of these Colored 2021 M’s that they are really smooth compared to the bare metal M’s, but keep in mind that some degree of the smoothness may be lost over time.

The interior of the caps for these Colored M’s do not have the PVD coating on them, but when you take one apart you’ll see that the condenser does have the PVD coating, meaning that when you look through that airport you’re going to see the same color accent.


Light green with gold and purple accents

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The first thing you will notice about the Verdium (green) model is that like the Rosium it’s actually multi-toned rather than one solid color. I describe it as green, but the coloring varies when viewed under different lights, sometimes it can look almost completely gold, and the fins on the tip of mine are very distinctly purple. I really like the way the gold color comes through whenever it sparkles in the light and I love the purple accent on the tip, this is the only one I’ve seen though, so I don’t know if they are all exactly like this, because with the PVD process there is going to be some individuality. It’s really cool to see a lightly colored model this year, rather than something like the dark Phantom from last year’s offering.


Reminds me of gasoline in a puddle

Next let’s take a look at the Rosium (pink) model. I was actually shocked last year, as I figured the Phantom would be the most popular variant, but the Rosium was the model that we sold out of first, people really loved not only the look of these but also just how different they are from a lot of other devices in their collections. This one always reminds me of gasoline in a puddle, you get that morphing color look that changes in the light, giving you different undertones and accents. On the tip of the Rosium model I was provided with there is distinct gold coloring between the fins, and I think it adds a really cool detail.

module image


Rich blue that sparkles in the light

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Finally, let’s look at the Azurium (blue) model. While the other ones are cool because of their variance, this one is the best choice if you want something that has a more consistent coloring. When you look at the tip, just like with the others you’ll see some variance in color there, it’s almost like a dark purple on my one, but aside from that it has a nice consistent rich blue color. Azurium also feels the smoothest texture-wise to me, there’s not a ton of difference, but when I compare the three colors side-by-side it has the edge. This one still has some action in the color as you rotate it, and the light plays really well on it, making it seem like it sparkles. The PVD coating is quite resilient, so as long as it doesn’t spend a lot of time rubbing up against other things, it will maintain its rich coloring for quite a while.

Heat reactive coating

High temperatures will cause a permanent color change in the coating

One thing that is really cool about this PVD coating is that it’s heat reactive, that doesn’t mean that if you run a torch over it the color is going to instantly change, but when you heat the metal above standard operating temperature until it’s red hot, it will cause a permanent color change in the coating. This opens up all kinds of customization options and can give you some crazy looks if you vary your heating technique and the amount of time you spend on any one spot. I've seen a lot of totally unique looks that people have achieved.

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Alternatively, if you like the way it looks and you don’t want it to change at all, an induction heater is your best bet as that gives away more consistent heating and won’t give you any noticeable hotspots. It’s definitely possible to avoid color change while using a torch, just don’t heat it too aggressively and make sure you rotate quickly for a nice even heat. The Verdium is the most resistant to color changing by quite a margin, if you don’t want any color changing at all it's definitely the model you’ll want to choose.

How to customize your Colored 2021 M

Once you alter the color there’s no way to revert to its original color

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If you want to try heat morphing one of these 2021 M’s, the best way to do it is to completely disassemble it and remove all of the o-rings. Then take whichever component you want to change the color of and put it into the bit holder of an electric drill. Run the drill and selectively heat it with your torch while it rotates. Keep in mind that the condenser will need way less heat to become red hot and change color compared to the tip or especially the body. For the condenser you can use the same torch that you use to heat your DynaVap, but for the body I would definitely recommend using a dab torch or something that’s a little stronger than a typical DynaVap torch.

One thing to keep in mind about the color changing process is that it moves in only one direction, once you alter the color there’s no way to revert to its original color. Consider Azurium the starting color, when you heat this up it’s going to morph into the colors that are seen on the Rosium, and from there it will just continue to change color until there’s nowhere else for it to go and it looks more like a regular 2021 DynaVap M.

Final Thoughts

I think it was a really cool idea to add the Verdium this year

So there you go, that’s the new 2021 Colored Dynavap M lineup, Azurium, Rosium, and the brand new Verdium. I think it was a really cool idea to add the Verdium this year, rather than having the Phantom again, and it’s great that you can still do the color changing on the Rosium and Azurium models, you can give your device such unique and wild looks. It’s quite an involved process to perform the PVD on these M’s, so they are more expensive than the regular DynaVap M’s, but they’re still incredibly affordable devices that give you insane performance and efficiency, while being really enjoyable and analogous to use.

For a detailed review of the function of the DynaVap M 2021, take a look here. Check out VapeNorth.ca and SneakyPeteStore.com to buy the Colored 2021 DynaVap M and all of its accessories.

Thanks so much for reading and watching guys, I really appreciate it.

Keep it green, keep it sneaky!

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