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The DynaStash is the perfect complement to any of the DynaVap vaporizers. It serves a number of purposes and it's available in a number of different attractive wood options. First, it has a large reserve to hold a generous amount of ground material. This makes it super easy to load your DynaVap, simply press into the material, twist and you're ready to go. It also features another compartment to store your DynaVap, so you have everything you need (except the heat source) in one place. Finally, each DynaStash features a strong magnet that can be used to store your DynaVap when not in use, as well as to help cool it down between hits. The DynaStash is a perfect accessory for all DynaVap owners.

Key Features:

- Each DynaStash is handmade in the USA

- Each individual DynaStash has its own unique grain pattern, no two are alike

- Holds any DynaVap model in style and security (won't fit XL models or the Fat Mouthpiece)

- Magnet is a super useful tool to store your DynaVap between hits, even while it is hot

- Large storage area holds enough ground material for many bowls

- ER models include a removable silicone container for storing concentrates or other sticky substances

- This accessory truly completes the 'modern-day dugout' nature of the DynaVap series

- The DynaStash is available in a variety of beautiful wood choices

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