ELEV8R E-Heater Vaporizer Review

Hey guys, Sneaky Pete here and today I want to show you the ELEV8R E-Heater. This is a really interesting desktop device as it’s based on the butane torch powered ELEV8R, which I’m a huge fan of, but this one is in a plug-in electronic format instead of being powered by a torch.


Increased temperature accuracy thanks to the electronic control

The ELEV8R E-Heater is powered by an electronically controlled heating coil instead of a butane torch, this gives you far more consistent and accurate heating compared to the guesswork involved with a torch.

One of the greatest things about the ELEV8R is that this is a true dual-use device, working brilliantly with both flower and concentrate. You simply place your flower inside for dry herb use, or the flavor disc to use it with concentrate, you can even use both at the same time for some truly massive hits.

The ELEV8R E-Heater system consists of a few different parts, you have the main controller box, the power cable, a number of accessories like a little stand (which is terrible), as well as a stirring tool, extra screens, and a flavor disc. The main part of the heater consists of a heavy duty cable which leads to the specially sized heating coil. Inside this coil is where you’re going to place the ELEV8R tip, this tip is similar to the one in the butane powered kit, except it has a knob which helps guide the tip into the coil and secure it in place so the tip can’t fall out.

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A huge temperature range

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To set up the ELEV8R E-Heater you need to thread the tip onto the coil, I found that I had to slightly pull the coil apart to get the tip in there at first, but then you just rotate the tip into the coil until it’s fully inserted and there’s no way it can fall back out on it’s own. Next, plug the coil into the controller box, plug the power cable in, and then turn it on with the switch on the back.

The controller has a huge temperature range, going from zero all the way to 1200°F, you adjust it with the up and down arrows, and you can hold the buttons down to alter it faster. When you first turn it on it will ramp up the temperature quite quickly and at first overshoot the set temperature, then slowly drop down and stabilize at your set temperature. When you rip it hard you’ll see the temperature drop by 20° or so, but it will compensate and re-stabilize the temperature.

I recommend leaving the ELEV8R E-Heater on for 5-10 minutes to heat soak before your first hit. I have mine hooked up to a smart plug, so it turns on and off at particular times every day and it’s ready to go whenever I want to hit it, but it’ll never be on for too long.


Works with flower, concentrate, or both simultaneously

While you are waiting for the coil to heat up you can rest the heater in the included stand, just be careful how you put it on your desk as it’s not super stable. During this wait you can go ahead and load your flower bowl, which terminates in a 14mm male joint, so it will work with most water pieces. Make sure you at least cover the screen with flower, and this one does work well with a full bowl, so don’t be shy with your material. I like to lightly tamp it down, then I hook it up to a water piece and put a keck clip on it to keep it in place.

After your heater tip is completely heat soaked and you’re ready to do your hit, you’re simply going to set the heater tip down into the joint of the bowl and then go ahead and inhale. I have tried inhaling softly as well as inhaling hard and it works well either way, but I think the optimal method is to start slowly and then ramp your intensity up as the material gets warm, to take advantage of the best flavor as well as the volume of the extraction.

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I like to give my material a stir between hits so I get the most flavor possible, and it gives quite an even extraction, without any noticeable hotspots, in more of a circular ring, similar to the Tinymight. I find that tamping down helps to get a more thorough extraction.

I was initially experimenting with an extraction temperature of around 650°F and I found it to be quite a good temperature for me.

After using it that way for a few days I wanted to try something different, so I took the screen out of the heater tip, and filled it up with nine quartz terp pearls, which was as many as I could fit, and then I made sure that I very securely re-inserted my screen. I’m not necessarily recommending that you do this, as it is a modification of the device, so modify at your own risk, however I found that when I did this it gave it more thermal mass as well as a more complex air path and it really enhanced the operation of the device. When I use it like this I turn the temperature down to 540°F compared to my usual 650°F without the pearls, and I find I get better performance overall. If you decide to try this modification be sure that you get the screen back in there securely so the pearls don’t fall out on you accidentally and do not overload it because you don’t want them to break if they expand when heated.

The ELEV8R E-Heater is a dual purpose device, so if you want to use it with concentrate simply put the flavor disk in the bowl and then put your concentrate on top of the disk. I would definitely recommend turning the temperature up for better performance and make sure you don’t overload it. Keep in mind that you can put flower in the bowl along with the flavor disk, so you can get some double decker hits going to really spice things up.


Exceptionally flavorful convection vapor

I have been super impressed with the vapor that I’ve been getting from the ELEV8R E-Heater. Even without the added pearls I was getting nice big hits when I wanted to, and overall I found the hits to be exceptionally flavorful, as you’re getting pure convection vapor. Because it’s designed to be used through a water piece the hits are extremely smooth, not harsh in any way, even on the largest hit.

The size of the hit can pretty much be as large as you want, just keep in mind that when you push it up to the higher temperatures, like if you’re vaping concentrate for example, you should make sure you’re using it in a set-up that keeps the coil away from your face, as it does put out a lot of heat.

Large hits and pure convection heating mean you can get monster effects from this thing, overall it produces a highly powerful but super flavorful extraction.

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A really convenient system, especially when used with a smart plug

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You don’t need to put a ton of flower in the bowl, although it works well when filled to the brim, you’ll get good efficiency either way. To get a dark ABV you either need to turn the temperature up quite high which then gets a little too warm for an open coil, or alternatively the addition of terp pearls made a world of difference for me. The first time I used the terp pearls and maintained the same temperature that I was using without them, I combusted my flower, that should give you a frame of reference for the difference in strength that the pearls make.

It’s a really convenient system, especially if you turn the unit on with a smart plug and then have it automatically turn off later, so you can just walk over to it and have a hit whenever you like.


I was a huge fan of the butane powered ELEV8R, this one is very similar to it, but with way more predictable and repeatable performance, that is available in an on-demand fashion instead of needing to heat it up with a torch every time.

For an on-demand convection desktop vaporizer it comes in at a pretty reasonable price point. All you need to do is add a water piece and you’ll have yourself a ripping desktop set-up which also offers true dual-use function.


I have already mentioned it, but the little stand is just terrible, it can even be a little dangerous as it puts up almost no resistance to being knocked over. The base should be at least twice as wide because if the cord twists or moves in any way it can knock this thing down and then you’ll have a hot coil sitting on your table.

I almost feel like it should come from the factory with some terp pearls in it. I found them very easy to install, but again, modify things at your own risk. When I compare the performance with and without them it’s a night and day difference and I would never take them back out.


Considering the price, the value that you're getting is tremendous

Overall the ELEV8R E-Heater is a great alternative to their butane powered system as you still get that convection heating and incredible flavor, but it’s a much easier to use system that allows you to duplicate your experience every time. The fact that it works well with both flower and concentrate really adds to the usefulness of the system, and considering the price, the value that you’re getting is tremendous.

I really want to see them upgrade the stand and it’d be easy to do, but considering all the things that it does well I think this is a great option for anybody who wants an on-demand one hit at a time sort of system that is designed to be used through a water piece.

Check out vapenorth.ca and sneakypetestore.com to find the ELEV8R E-Heater and it’s accessories.

Thanks so much for reading and watching guys, I really appreciate it.

Keep it green, keep it sneaky!

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