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    The Elev8r by 7th Floor Vapes is a stripped down, full convection beast that works equally well for dry herb and concentrate.  It’s so simple but the design really is ingenious.  The upper piece gets heated with a torch, then when you inhale it pulls the heated air down over the bowl of herbs.  Really a neat way to do it.  It comes in a super basic box with equally basic instructions.  I want to see both of those improved on.  A small torch like you would use on a Dynavap won’t cut it here.  You need a bigger torch like what you’d use on a nail or banger.  When you get the technique down this thing will reward you with massive clouds of perfect tasting vapour.


    The Elev8r has few parts.  The part you heat up is called the vape tip, then there is either the vape wand or the water pipe adapter (all have screens), and you attach the tip to the wand or WPA with the included sick clip.  First, let’s go over dry herb.  You can grind it super fine or throw in a whole bud, it’s like a Sticky Brick, you can do whatever.  I load about 1/4” to 3/4” of herb.  It is really forgiving, you can load it up full or not that much, though I’d advise loading more in there as it’ll be easier to stir.

    Heating will vary some based on your torch.  For mine, I heat about 35 seconds.  I tried different times with a timer and found this is the best.  Now I don’t use a timer I just count.  Then inhale.  I much prefer the water pipe adapter though the flavour through the wand is even better.  After your hit, just shake it a couple times.  There are two screens, one at the bottom of the bowl of course, but also one at the bottom of the tip that keeps debris from getting up in there.  This makes it really easy to stir between hits and helps out with efficiency. 

    If you go to hot you can combust in the Elev8r.  I’ve never really come close, but if I felt it was on the edge, I’d just stop drawing on it.  Be careful when you’re done with your hit.  The glass retains heat for a couple minutes.  Either let it sit to cool on the water piece or set it propped up on the sick clip.

    To use concentrates put some right on the included flavour disk, then just gently drop it down into the bowl.  It can get kind of jammed in there sideways so be careful.  I heat it up for 1 full minute for concentrate.  It can take a bit to produce vapour due to the fact that it is pure convection heating, so don’t go too hard too soon. 

    Overall, I find this really easy to use compared to some of the other torch-based vapes.  The Elev8r is very forgiving and very easy to learn.  It’s also really easy to clean.  The glass wand, water pipe adapter and tip can all clean up in seconds with salt and isopropyl alcohol.  The main screen will need to be changed every now and then, but they’re cheap.  Also, I wouldn’t recommend cleaning the ceramic flavour disk.  They're also pretty inexpensive and just one of those things that are better to replace than to maintain.


    The Elev8r truly is one of the chosen ones in this category.  I would just as easily use this piece for dry herb as I would for shatter.  Not even really sure which one it performs better with.  Probably herb, but I prefer herb in general so maybe I’m a little biased there.  You can also do a combo hit, put in some bud and the flavour disk with some concentrate and tear it up!  This is a master-level technique though, for the true vape samurai out there.


    This will really depend on the torch size.  The one used for testing wasn’t huge.  With a big powerful torch, it would probably heat up in ten seconds.  For dabs, it needs to be a little hotter, but still, it doesn’t take too long.  It’s about the same time as my ceramic domeless nail.  I am pretty happy with it.  The heat up time is not really a weak point, though some other vapes are faster.


    The vapour quality from the Elev8r is absolutely top shelf when you use it correctly.  It’s so incredibly pure and lively, no colouring whatsoever as the whole device is glass.  It’s also easy to keep clean and always get that same A+ taste.  I found the wand to be a little warm for me, though I do appreciate lower temperature hits through it as the flavour is insane.  Through water, it is very smooth. 

    Never once did I find it at all harsh.  The hits can be huge, the hits can be small, it’s totally up to you.  The dry herb hits have always been surprisingly large.  I thought I combusted a few times, but that wasn’t the case, just thick pure convection vapour.  Concentrate hits can be large too, just be sure to heat up your tip for a good while.


    The Elev8r gets high marks for effects.  The full convection and ramp-up heating will leave you experiencing the best of each strain you vape through yours.  In this sense, it can be a great vape for medical patients.


    Dry herb use is very efficient in the Elev8r.  Shaking it to stir the load is so easy and effective you’ll shake it after every hit, so it produces every possible bit of vapour.  It may even dethrone the Sticky Brick in this category.  Concentrates will go a long way too.  It seems to be really efficient with the flavour disc, but it’s tough to really judge as more concentrates seep into the disc over time.


    It is very simple.  There really isn’t much to go over here.  It is well-crafted glass.  The clip holds things together securely.  The screen in my wand is slightly wonky compared to the water pipe adapter.  Overall it feels well-built and not cheap.


    It isn’t really very stealthy.  You need a good-sized torch and it takes a lot of heating.  This is more of a vape for around the home and not so much out and about in public.


    Compared to something like the ArGo it’s so totally different it’s tough to compare, but I still find it really easy to use.  Once I watched the video to see the team at 7th Floor use it, I had it figured out in a couple of bowls by timing it.  Now I get optimal results 90% of the time.  It really requires very little technique when compared to some other vaporizers.


    As of the time of this review, it is on sale for $100, regularly $120.  If I had to get one again I totally would.  It might seem expensive as it’s just so simple, but you get tremendous vapour and efficiency which can’t be said for some other vapes that are twice as much as the Elev8r.


    The vapour quality is absolutely superb, the flavour is as true as it gets.  It’s also very fun to use, it gives me that feeling of when I used a Sticky Brick for the first time.  It’s easy to stir up by shaking and it is effective, so it gets highest marks for efficiency.  I used it 50/50 for herb and shatter, there are almost no other vapes I can pull that off with.  The all-glass design allows you to watch the vapour from its creation.  It feels like a science experiment gone very, very right!


    You have to be careful after using it as the glass tip will be extremely hot.  At first, I had nightmares about putting the wrong end in my mouth 😟 but now that I’ve spent a while using it that all went away.  The box and instructions were bourgeois and make your first impression of the vape feel cheaper than what it actually is.  In other words, amazing vape, shitty packaging.  I want to see a kit offered without the wand.  It would be even less expensive and I’d be ok if it was gone.  Herb hits do have a max size limit as if it gets too hot it’ll combust, so you can only draw so much warm air over the bud before you have to stop or things will get toasty.


    7th Floor knocked it out of the park with this one.  It really makes you think about what a vaporizer is on a fundamental level.  What they’ve achieved here with something so basic is truly amazing.  The hits are very large, really strong, and they’re made of some of the cleanest and purest flavours you’ll get from any piece on the market today.  It is very enjoyable to use, and for many people in this hobby that is an important factor that really dictates what they use more than most other things.  The Elev8r is absolutely something I will continue to use moving forward without a doubt.



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