Fury 2 by Healthy Rips A Tiny Convection/Conduction Hybrid | Detailed Review

Hey guys, the Fury 2 by Healthy Rips is a super portable convection/conduction hybrid that heats up really quickly and produces a ton of vapor! The operation is very simple via a screen based menu and three buttons, and the vapor is ready to go as soon as the LEDs turn green. The mouthpiece has more plastic than I would like and it tends to get warm with extended use, so I highly recommend getting the Water Pipe Adapter as the Fury 2 is an absolute beast through water, and at an entry level price! Join me as I delve into the device and show you what it's all about!

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Charge it, clean it

Before use you should charge the battery for a full two hours, the manual says to not use it while charging. Like all vapes, be sure to do a full burn-off before using it, Healthy Rips recommends doing this at the maximum temperature for a duration of four minutes. I did a few cycles of this and then wiped it down with some isopropyl alcohol and a q-tip. You can also vape a phantom bowl of ABV (already been vaped flower), which will really help clear off any remaining residue.


Small, light, and strong

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The Fury 2 is super small and compact, just 2” x 1” x 3” and weighing 5oz. The body has a rubberized finish, which isn’t ideal, but the unibody is metal, so it’s light and strong. The battery is unfortunately not replaceable. The mouthpiece is made from plastic, a little wider than seems necessary, and it gets a bit hot, although that tends to happen commonly with vapes which are this small.


Fill the bowl right up, but don't pack it down

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The Fury 2 Water Pipe Adapter (highly recommended) is super easy to load and the bowl is quite small, yet it still produces two to three good hits, like an Arizer stem. Loading the vape itself isn’t the easiest thing to do without making a mess, but using a loading funnel makes it much easier. Fill the bowl up nice and full, but don’t pack it down, this will allow the hot air (convection) to flow easily through your herbs for even heat distribution and extraction.


The temperature can be altered in single-degree increments

To turn on the Fury 2, click the button three times, and it’ll start heating up to your last used temperature. Red LEDs mean it’s heating up and green means it’s at the set temperature. Use the two small buttons to alter the temperature in single-degree increments, ranging from 320F to 430F. You can engage stealth mode (for the LEDs) by holding the large button for three seconds. You can change between Celsius to Fahrenheit temperature measurements by holding the two small buttons for two seconds. The screen displays the remaining battery life, set temperature, current temperature, and a three minute automatic shut-off timer which doesn’t seem like it can be modified and turns off kind of fast. There’s no beep or vibration when the set temperature is reached, so if you forget you started the sesh you’ll have to re-engage.

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Ready after approximately 20 seconds

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The heat up time of the Fury 2 is really fast, it's ready after only approximately 20 seconds, and vapor is ready almost as soon as it says it’s warmed up to the set temperature. I'd recommend giving it about 10 more seconds to ensure you get the thickest vapor possible though.


All in all, a great deal, especially considering the low price

The Healthy Rips Fury 2 is very small, heats up really quickly, and the vapor is ready to go almost right when the vape says it’s at temperature. The battery life is pretty decent, vapor flavor is good but not amazing, it’s pretty smooth without water but it does get warm. If you pair this little guy up with a nice water piece like our Predator you’ll see the Fury 2 in a whole different light. It really is a beast at higher temps through water. All in all, a great deal, especially considering it’s currently under $110USD/$150CAD. Check out the Fury 2 on VapeNorth.ca and SneakyPeteStore.com.

Thanks for reading! Keep it green, keep it sneaky!

Fury 2 by Healthy Rips

Fury 2 by Healthy Rips
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Fury 2 Vaporizer, Protective top cover, Micro-USB charger, Oil pad, Silicone screen assembly, Tweezers, Brush, Loading tool, User manual