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I love these storage containers! Jyarz come in a variety of sizes, and they allow you to store and transport your herb in glass rather than plastic. The protective outer plastic layer is made from recycled milk jugs, and it houses an inner glass container to store your herb. Jyarz seal through the outer thread and the inner gasket, meaning they are highly smell and water-proof. With that tight seal, you also get UV protection, meaning that Jyarz are an ideal way to store your herb at home or on the go!

Jyarz unique TripleBlock design offers three layers of freshness enhancement - an air-tight seal is formed where the exterior cap and shell meet. A thick silicone gasket inside the cap forms the second airtight seal. Finally, the outer shell and cap, which are made of recycled and easy-to-clean HPDE plastic.

The Big Papi can hold approximately 16 fluid ounces of material.


Jyarz Big Papi Storage Container

Jyarz Big Papi Storage Container
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