Magic Flight Launch Box & Orbiter First Impression | | Vaporizer Review Videos

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We have really enjoyed the Magic Flight Muad-Dib, join us as we look at the rest of Magic Flight's products. The Launch Box is one of the most popular portable vaporizers on the market and is the first choice for many people. The Orbiter is the water pipe attachment for both the Launch Box and Muad-Dib, to better cool and filter your draws. The Power Adapter 2.0 allows you to ditch the batteries, and get a consistent, precise temperature for your draw every single time. Finally the Finishing Grinder sits directly on your Launch Box and grinds your herb to the perfect consistency. We can't wait to test these all individually as well as together to see what our favourite combinations are.


0:22 Magic Flight Launch Box

6:29 Power Adapter 2.0

9:41 Finishing Grinder

11:09 Orbiter

A special thanks to Joe at Magic Flight for sending me these devices to review!

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