Sneaky Pete's Top 5 (Current) Most Used Vaporizers

Today I’m going to answer a question I get asked very often… which vapes do I use the most? I test a lot of vapes, but which are the ones I reach for personally and why? Here are my top five:

The RBT Splinter

The RBT Splinter for on-demand at home or on the go. It’s a dry herb vaporizer that works with any 510 threaded mod. Notable features include convection heating, tremendous efficiency, and on-demand heat up time of 10-15 seconds. You can use it in wattage mode, which is straightforward but requires more user skill for good results. The other option is loading custom software onto your mod for TCR (Temperature Coefficient of Resistance) mode. This is the only way I use mine.

Three reasons I use the Splinter so much:

- The flavor from the full convection heating is some of the richest you’ll get from any vape. A lot of vapes taste great, but this one tastes great AND extracts a huge amount of that flavor in the first few hits.

- The convenience of heating up in just 15 seconds can’t be overstated. Loading/unloading baskets is simple, and cleaning/maintenance is very easy to do.

- The powerful effects of the Splinter are awesome. The convection vaping and heat that gets stored in the heater produce massive hits that’ll get you ripped.

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The Ditanium

The Ditanium is an on-demand desktop vaporizer that’s great for both dry herb and concentrate. It is made from high quality materials, titanium for the metal and quartz to put concentrates on. The heater sits down inside the unit’s body, so it is much safer than a fully exposed traditional E-Nail. The Ditanium is built to last for years of use with minimal fuss and maintenance.

Why I use the Ditanium:

- It is convenient. I sometimes leave mine on for two weeks at a time, no need to warm up, just load and hit whenever you want. It’s also made for use with a 14mm water tool, and I almost always use water at home so it’s perfect for my desk.

- It truly does vape both herb and concentrate extremely well, something a lot of vapes claim but few do as well as the Ditanium. And combo hits with herb and wax/shatter simultaneously are out of this world.

- The Ditanium is also efficient. Just a little concentrate on the quartz gives a solid hit and gets thoroughly vaped. Dry herb goes for miles with the convection heating. Just keep stirring or shaking your load and you’ll get every drop of vapor without any charring.

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The Arizer Solo 2

The Arizer Solo 2 is my no-nonsense session vape. It is a combo of convection and conduction through an all glass stem. The Solo 2 is a proven workhorse from Arizer, a manufacturer with one of the best reputations in the industry thanks to their high-quality straight-forward vaporizers that just work well. It has a great display screen and controls, plus a robust accessory market.

Why I’m a Solo 2 fan:

- Arizer’s reliability is top notch. If I had to choose one battery-powered vape to take on a trip and wanted to be certain I could vape the entire trip, it’d be the Solo 2.

- It is consistently easy to use. Just load it, turn it on, and inhale gently. Very little learning curve or mess to clean up.

- The Solo 2 produces very pure tasting vapor. The stem is all glass, so you get no other tastes besides your herb. When I want a lengthy session, I often go with the Solo 2.

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The PCKT ONE Plus is a cartridge vaporizer that works with PCKT’s own SPRK Cartridges or many other popular styles like the CCell. It’s milled from a single piece of aluminum so the ONE Plus is very durable. There are a lot of vibrant color options to choose from. Included magnetic adapters make carts of all sizes sit perfectly down within the body of the PCKT ONE Plus, fully protected.

Why the ONE Plus:

- It has three different power levels to dial in your experience. When I’m hitting it dry, I’ll use the lowest temp, but when I use a DabCap and rip it through a water piece, I’ll set it to the highest temp. There is a big difference in effects.

- The PCKT ONE Plus has the option to use either button activation or inhale activation to engage the heater. If you want the convenience of auto-draw, it’s there. If you prefer the advantages of button operation, just hold the button until it flashes and you’re ready to go. The ability to use either method is awesome.

- The ONE Plus is built better and it’s tougher than any other cartridge vape. The quality really is a step above its competitors, and that becomes clear when you hold it in your hand. Yes, it’s more expensive, but it is also a much more substantial piece of equipment compared to the other options. And PCKT’s SPRK Cartridges may be my favorite carts overall.

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The DynaCoil and Strong-Arm Adapter

The DynaCoil with the Strong-Arm Adapter is an excellent setup to use concentrates in your preferred DynaVap tip directly through a water piece. The DynaCoil is a single thin piece of titanium that’s filled with holes to absorb and vaporize wax, shatter, etc. and it’s rolled to fit inside the tip. The tip then goes directly onto the Strong-Arm Adapter just like a normal stem or body, and it all fits perfectly on your water tool of choice. It’s a really nice system that I use often.

What I love about this setup:

- It’s so fun to use with a water piece. The DynaCoil makes tasty vapor, but it is a little warm and harsh at higher temps. This is the most straightforward way to use that wonderful tip & coil combination easily through water, which for me greatly improves the experience.

- The setup isn’t expensive. If you already have any DynaVap, then all you need is a DynaCoil and the Strong-Arm adapter. Otherwise, you can get everything needed for about $100US, giving you the whole setup to use concentrates in a DynaVap tip through your water piece.

- The DynaCoil is all kinds of efficient. Just a tiny little dab on the coil will vaporize fully for a satisfying hit with minimal waste.

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You can find all these cool toys and lots more at Sneaky Pete Store (U.S.A.) or Great White North Vaporizers (rest of the world) 😉

Keep it green, keep it sneaky!