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Next Wave Toys & Collectibles

Hey everyone! 

We have a really exciting announcement and we wanted to reach out to you, those who have supported us for years with your views, likes and purchases, to celebrate with us in a new venture. There will be a new sibling joining the Sneaky Pete and Great White North Vaporizer family, an online storefront that we’re calling Next Wave Toys & Collectibles. The vape sphere will always be our first and true love, but they are doing some really amazing things in the collectibles market right now that excited us to the point that we had to participate at a level where we can apply how we love to do things to our new passion. 

From incredibly articulated fantasy characters with their own lore like Mythic Legions to new takes on known entities like GI Joe and Star Wars, we’re going to bring you the best toys and collectibles available and will accept pre-order sales as soon as they become available to us. We get how limited and valuable some of these collectibles are, so not only will we get you the next wave of your favourite figures ASAP, but we’ll also guarantee their authenticity as well.  

We’ll do video unboxings to show off some of the figures we find most interesting, but as always, we love to hear from you! If there’s a specific brand of collectible or character you’d like to see reviewed or brought in, these are things we can look into. Toys have never been as cool as they are today and with all of the options available it never hurts to have a little guidance through the process. 

To find us, we’re on the web at as well as posting all the breaking news and product shots on Instagram @nextwavetoys and Facebook at and finally on YouTube at

We hope to see everyone over there, and if you thought VAS was a real thing, wait till you see some high-quality collectibles and find out how deep the rabbit hole really goes.