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    The Pax 3 is an ultra-portable vaporizer with amazing battery life.  It has a super-fast heat up time and now works with both dry herb and concentrate.  The Pax 3 also features the first app I’ve used that truly adds to the experience.  The box was a bit of a downgrade and it was sort of tough to get the stuff out of it.  It comes with two mouthpieces, and while they’re still a bit warm for me, they are much improved.  It also has new half-pack lids, which we really love.  The instruction manual is tiny, and it’d be nice to see more information because this device does so much.


    The Pax 3 has one-button on and off and you hold it to change temperature.  There are also four new modes that change how your vape works.  Boost mode is for cloud chasers, the boost values are increased and cool down is decreased.  Efficiency mode is for sessions.  This mode overrides your 5th temperature and automatically increases temperature based on what you have it set to before you went into efficiency mode. 

    Flavour mode is for the refined palette.  It boosts the temperature faster and cools down faster.  There is also stealth mode which is similar to flavour mode but it also dims the lights.  Boost uses more battery while stealth and flavour modes use less.  You can change the light and adjust vibrate (set it to max).  You can also play games which are fun for some people, the whip game is cool.


    The Pax 3 is easy to load by pouring your herb directly in from your grinder.  Go for a fine grind and pack it on the tighter side but not too tight.  I prefer the half pack lid because it means less stirring.  Inhale slow and steady.


    Put a very small amount in there and always use temp 4.  I like to hold it more upright and don’t tilt it a crazy amount.  Your Pax 3 will give vapour as soon as it’s heated up.  Its as easy to clean as the Pax 2, it doesn’t take long and cleans up really well.  I worry about the top part around the edge, concentrate really stickies things up around there.


    Dry herb is awesome, I love my Pax 3 for dry herb.  Concentrate is surprisingly good but a little clumsy.  It’d be nice to see the concentrate setup designed better.  (The lid???) doesn’t click into place, but its easy to clean and use.  I do enjoy using concentrate in this a lot more than I figured I would.


    The Pax 3 probably has the best portable battery life.  They somehow improved upon the Pax 2.  Even with the highest concentrate setting, you get crazy battery life.  Be aware that fingers on the mouthpiece will trigger capacitive heat up.  There is no removable battery and you can’t really use it while charging.


    It has a super-fast heat up time and vapour is ready when the unit says it’s heated up.  This is really a game changer when compared to the Pax 2.


    For dry herb the vapour is superb and the conduction has been perfected.  The taste is good right from the start with no burn off required.  Taste also holds up well over the life of the bowl.  Stir it or use the half-pack lid for best flavour.  You can get huge hits that are very smooth even at higher temperatures.  It is crazy how good the Pax 3 is at this.

    For concentrate the taste is also amazing, almost on par with the Firefly 2 but not quite.  It is more like a vape pen than a dab rig, but I really like this method of using concentrates.  It is very smooth and you can take really large hits on boost modes.  Overall, the vapour is amazing for either type of material, really convection level performance.


    For dry herb, the Pax 3 is incredibly efficient, especially with the half-pack lid.  It's easy to stir and you should do this for best results.  I remove the lid cover hole(<-hole or whole?) then shake it.  With concentrates, you will get a lot of mileage from your material but there is still some waste.  We don’t recommend hitting an old session.  Pack a little dab every time you want to use it and use it all up completely.  Clean your Pax 3 after 5 – 10 uses.  This only takes two minutes in isopropyl alcohol if you do it often.  All things considered, it is a very efficient vaporizer.


    I’m worried about the finish but it’s holding up well.  There are no real marks aside from some on top and I haven’t been babying it.  It feels rock solid and the buttons feel good as well.  The software makes it feel even more solid, it’s so well engineered and polished.  You can use any Pax 2 accessory like the hydra case or Pax 2 adapters you may have.  Wear will show on the Pax 3 faster than its predecessor. 


    The Pax 3 is ultra-portable and easy to conceal.  It doesn’t really stick out.  If it’s dirty or there is herb in the bowl then some odour will leak due to the lid’s design.  It also leaks smell when it heats up but you’ll be blowing clouds anyways so it really is a moot point.  The Pax 3 is a great stealth hitter due to the small size and quick heat up time.  Get in and out with some good hits in a hurry.


    They’re about average.  Concentrate is very easy to regulate and dose.


    It’s middle of the road at $275USD, the exact same as the DaVinci IQ.  The Pax 3 gives a ton of features and value for this price in a solid device for both dry herb and concentrate.  For what it can do it is very fairly priced.


    The app integration is great.  It’s the only vape where the app keeps me coming back to try things or change colours and it adds to the fun.  Using the Pax 3 with concentrates is so pleasant and very tasty.  You can do multiple smaller hits rather than one bigger hit like sipping on a cocktail instead of slamming down a shot. 

    The battery life is mind-boggling and indication seems 100% accurate which is rare.  Heat up time is substantially improved over the Pax 2 and very fast.  Its also so sleek and portable and very easy to take with you anywhere.  The new finish is very futuristic, like a jet-black iPhone.


    The concentrate setup could be improved.  It is functional but doesn’t feel quite up to the “Pax” level.  If you don’t have your screen n straight the concentrate setup can be a little tipsy on a table.  The raised mouthpiece still gets warm, which is weird as the flat one doesn’t warm up at all.  The vibration motor could be stronger.  Over time the top will likely gum up with concentrate and there is a tiny gap that will be tough to clean.  Also, there isn’t a replaceable battery but that’s really impossible in this size and technology level.


    The Pax 3 improves on everything the Pax 2 did, which was a huge improvement over the first Pax.  It handles both dry herb and concentrate very well and is recommended for either.  The Pax 3 features best in class battery life and is truly capable of all-day use.  If you’re in the market for a new vape the Pax 3 is definitely a great choice, if you already have a Pax 2 it's tougher to say.  There is a marked improvement in performance but some people will wait until the Pax 4 and get an Era.  In the end, I highly recommend the Pax 3, you can’t go wrong with this one.



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