Storz & Bickel Mighty+ Portable Vaporizer Review

Hey guys, Sneaky Pete here and today I want to bring you a review of the brand new Mighty+ portable vaporizer from Storz & Bickel. The original Mighty is a legendary vaporizer, it’s regarded by many to be the best portable device on the market. You hear it echoed all over the place, if somebody simply wants the best vape possible and money is no object - “just get a Mighty”.

Well this is the successor to that device, the new Mighty+. Keep in mind it is a Mighty+ not a Mighty 2, so it is more of a refinement than a reinvention, but all of the upgrades are much appreciated and build on the outstanding platform that was already firmly established.


The new ceramic lining in the bowl is a welcome addition

The Mighty+ is a full size device, while this is a portable, it is definitely at the high end of the scale for portable device size. With the mouthpiece retracted it’s just under 5.5” tall, about 2.5” deep, 3” across, and it weighs in at just under 245 g, so it’s a big boy. Despite being a really expensive device, the body and cooling unit are made entirely from plastic. Often at this price people expect metal and wood, but the upside is that Storz & Bickel use very high quality plastic and a quality build, so it certainly doesn’t feel cheap.

It’s quite comfortable to hold in your hand, though it is definitely larger than palm size for me. It has ridges on the body which really help with grip. In terms of portability, I find that it’s pretty easy to fit into a large jacket pocket since it’s quite slim, but this is far from an extremely portable device, portability is not the main reason you’d buy the Mighty+.

You have a power button on the side, and the screen which displays your temperature and battery is on the front of the device, with an orange button on either side. They have improved the feet on the device to make it stand upright on a desk better and also at the bottom is a stirring tool stored internally in the device, which when removed doubles as a kickstand. When you have it on a nice flat surface with no vibrations at all it works really well, but I definitely wouldn’t consider it a super robust stand. You don’t have to hit the table too hard to knock it over, but it does look sleek and function well when in the right setting.

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The bowl/loading chamber has also been updated with a ceramic lining, just like on the Crafty+ 2021 update and the new Volcano Hybrid. This is going to help reduce the scratching that would take place in the old steel bowl, especially while using the dosing capsules, and ceramic is an extremely pure material, so that contributes to the fantastic vapour quality Storz & Bickel products are known for. This is a welcome change and I would love to see other manufacturers considering ceramic coated bowls.

It comes in a much smaller box than the old Mighty, but unfortunately it also includes less stuff. What it does include is a cleaning brush, a 2.3 foot USB-C charging cable, extra screens and o-rings, as well as one dosing capsule.


The battery situation has been greatly improved compared to the original Mighty

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The new Mighty+ now has USB-C charging instead of a proprietary charger. This is a massive improvement as USB-C cables are ubiquitous these days, meaning you can charge the Mighty+ almost anywhere, even on-the-go with a battery pack. The other thing this upgrade allows you to do is charge at 45 W, meaning that you can get an 80% charge in only 40 minutes. Keep in mind that you need a high power charger to do this, which Storz & Bickel sell on their site, I have one that I use to charge my iPad and I am not positive if this is a full 45 W, but it’s definitely a higher power sort of wall adapter and it charges the device really quickly for me.

Overall the battery situation is greatly improved with these two additions, and thanks to the high capacity battery you’ll also get a bunch of sessions between charges. For my testing I measured how many sessions I got between charges, as that most realistically mimics how I would actually use the device. I used a variety of temperatures for the testing - I usually start at 360°F for my first session to harvest all that amazing flavor, and then on subsequent sessions go up to 385°F or even up to around 405°F for even more vapour production. For solo sessions I never use it until the auto shut-off engages (which takes 3:15 from when it vibrates), I just go until I’ve had a satisfying session and turn it off. Using it that way I was able to get 16 sessions before I needed to recharge it, which I was really happy with.

The heat-up time is another feature which has been noticeably improved, obviously it is going to vary depending on the ambient temperature and what temperature you are vaping at, but in general the Mighty+ heats up in about one minute. It’s not super fast compared to some other devices, but it certainly doesn’t feel slow because the moment it double vibrates to alert you it has arrived at your set temperature, it’s ready to start throwing out tons of super high-quality vapour.


Massive hits and remarkable vapour quality

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Let’s talk about the vapour quality, and that is the real reason you’d want to spend the money to grab one of these. The Mighty+ gives you a high-end desktop-calibre experience in a handheld package. With the new ceramic bowl I found the taste to be extremely pure and very terpy at lower temperatures, and if you keep it low the flavor will last a good long while.

While using it at temperatures below 380°F I find it to be really smooth, which is great since this is one of those devices that you’re best inhale nice and deep with to make the most of all the effects and flavor. Once I start raising the temperature I prefer to run it through a water piece, I have been using either our Crafty+/Mighty+/DynaVap 14mm Whip Adapter (that way you can also utilize the cooling until on the device), or I just put a Master Adapter on the mouthpiece to make it super easy to plug straight into a water piece.

The size of the hits can be massive, especially if you have a fresh bowl and you’re vaping at higher temperatures. You can go through a full dosing capsule in one session if you’re ripping it at those higher temperatures, the Mighty+ really pumps vapour out with ease. The draw resistance on this device is very low, so you can hit it nice and slow, or rip it fast, and it’s still going to spit out plenty of vapour.

Similar to the Volcano and the Crafty+ you’re getting a mixture of mainly convection and some conduction extraction. The effects definitely match the massive clouds, the Mighty+ is considered a heavy hitter and you won’t find many handhelds that perform like this, especially with this ease-of-use. Overall the vapour quality is remarkable.


Not a super high maintenance device unless you take apart the cooling unit

I don’t find the efficiency of the Mighty+ to be particularly incredible, my ABV usually stays closer to the green side than the dark brown side, although if you turn it up to higher temperatures you can definitely brown your ABV more. For me the Mighty+ is all about the super high quality vapour output rather than the efficiency.

The convenience gets very high marks because once you just find a temperature you love you can operate it with only a single button press on and a single button press off.

A great thing about Storz & Bickel devices is that this is pretty much the only manufacturer who I’m happy to just use their devices straight out of the box. I didn't do an initial cleaning or burn-off and I didn’t experience any new device flavor, which is pretty remarkable when compared to almost any other manufacturer. If you are going to use it without cleaning it though I recommend using a lower temperature for the first few bowls, I wouldn’t do a 410°F bowl off the hop.

Cleaning the cooling unit can be a little involved if you want to do a complete disassembly and change the o-rings and such, but most people are just going to give it a 60 second shake in isopropyl alcohol which will take care of a lot of the cleaning. Overall, it’s not a super high maintenance device unless you want to take apart the cooling unit, which you should at least do occasionally if you are using it a lot.

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It couldn't be any easier

One of the best things about the Mighty+ is that it really couldn’t be any easier to use, both in its function and in the vaping technique that you need to use to achieve amazing results.

First you’re going to remove the cooling unit to expose the ceramic coated bowl, and I would recommend using the included dosing capsule as it helps to keep the whole system much cleaner, but if you don’t want to you can simply load the bowl directly. Place the cooling unit back on the device with the mouthpiece pointing whichever way you prefer, I prefer it pointing to the left so I can see the screen easier while I’m using it with a water piece.

On the side of the device you’re going to press the power button, and you can press that same button to turn the device off if you’re done with your session before the auto-off engages. Next you can either press or hold the ‘up’ and ‘down’ buttons to set your desired temperature. The Mighty+ has an insane temperature range, going all the way down to 104°F and up to the max of 410°F. You can set it pretty low and still get some incredibly tasty output, so it’s worth experimenting with those lower temperatures. If you want to change the display between Celsius and Fahrenheit, just hold the ‘up’ and ‘down’ buttons at the same time.

The Mighty+ will automatically heat up to your last set temperature when you turn it on, so once you’ve set a temperature you are happy with, for future uses all you need to do is press the power button, wait until it vibrates, and then hit it. Like with most other vaporizers I would recommend a nice slow and sustained inhale, but you can also rip this one pretty hard and it will keep up with you. The temperature control is super accurate on this, so you will see the numbers go down as you take a big rip, and then they usually go a bit over your set temperature while it’s heating back up, but overall it does a remarkable job at holding your set temperature, and the sessions are incredibly consistent.

The Mighty+ has a cool feature called The Superbooster, this is engaged by pressing the power button three times, and it boosts the temperature of your bowl up by 27°F. This is a great way to finish off a session or especially finish off a bowl, to extract every last little bit of goodness and maximize your efficiency.

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The number one strength of the Mighty+ is the vapour quality and quantity. This thing is absolutely on par with a desktop unit, the flavor is on point and it spews it out with ease. You can hit it hard, you can hit it soft, you can even hit it at lower temperatures around 350°F and you’re still going to see a visible extraction.

It is an incredibly easy device to use, you don’t even need a manual for this one, turn it on, adjust temp, wait until it vibrates, and away you go. But ease-of-use also covers technique, and there is just no technique required at all. This is one of those great devices that you can simply hand to somebody, tell them to press the power button and then inhale when it vibrates, and they’ll have an amazing experience

Finally, the Mighty+ is built to be a workhorse, if you’re the kind of person that puts a lot of mileage on a device, this one has been designed for you. Of course whenever you have tens of thousands of anything on the market there will always be some problem units, but overall this is a vaporizer that you can put some serious miles on, even at higher temperatures, and it is going to perform admirably for you for an extended length of time.


While I do think that if Storz & Bickel had focused on making the Mighty+ stand upright in a rock solid manner it would have adversely changed the profile and made it harder to fit into pockets and such, I do wish it was a bit more stable when standing. If you have the perfect standing location like a completely flat table that will never get jostled, the stand is totally adequate and it looks super cool when it’s just sitting there on the table. But in real world use doesn’t always offer up such ideal conditions.

I would like to see app control to be added to bring the Mighty+ in line with the rest of the Storz & Bickel lineup. For example, the Mighty+ hits so hard that I never need to go for the full auto-off timer length, so I would like to shorten that timer. It would be nice to be able to dim the screen and see a total hours-of-use count for the device as well. It is completely functional without any of these things, so I really wouldn’t call them necessary additions, but I definitely wouldn’t complain about having any of them.

Finally, I would like to see some improvements to the screen. When I look at my Mighty+ completely straight-on I can see the o-ring on the bottom right corner peeking out a tiny bit, so it doesn’t seem like it’s in the 100% proper place. The screen also attracts smudges like nothing else I’ve ever seen, and they are almost impossible to completely wipe off. If you are super fussy about looking after your devices I would recommend getting a screen protector, as it didn’t take long at all to start looking less than brand new.


I think anyone who shells out for one will be extremely pleased with it

Overall, the Storz & Bickel Mighty+ is a premium priced device that delivers a premium experience. It really is easy to see why people consider it a top contender for the title of the best portable device. You get an exceptional amount of vapour, and it’s also super high-quality vapour, which is the dream combo. It requires virtually no learning process whatsoever, and the experience you get is the same for every session. The addition of USB-C, the ceramic coated bowl, and the improved heat-up time are all welcome additions that bring the device more in line with vaporizer expectations in 2021.

If you are really happy with your old Mighty already I don’t think you need to rush out and buy this on day one, but if I was picking up a new device today and deciding between these two, I would definitely lean towards the Mighty+ as it’s the more modern choice and the improvements will benefit any user.

It’s certainly not a cheap option, but you get what you pay for, and I think anyone who shells out for one of these will be extremely pleased with it.


Check out and to find the Mighty and its accessories, and be sure to visit our review section where you can find all of our written reviews.

Thanks so much for reading and watching guys I really appreciate it,

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