VonG 2021 by DynaVap Sneaky Pete Review

Hey guys, it’s Sneaky Pete here, today I want to show you the brand new DynaVap 2021 VonG. As much as I love the other 2021 DynaVap models, the VonG is of extra special interest to me because I’m a huge fan of consuming through a water piece, and this device is designed specifically for that purpose. Don’t get me wrong, you can use the VonG dry and it works awesome that way, but it really excels when used with a water piece. Let’s go ahead and take a close look at the brand new VonG.


The design has been completely overhauled

The VonG comes in updated packaging which looks pretty cool, it’s a durable hard cardboard tube with wooden ends. My favourite detail is that it sits upright perfectly on one end, making it a perfect VonG stand for your vape station

Comparing this new model to the HydraVonG, which the 2021 VonG is replacing, you can see the design has been completely overhauled. Instead of having a standard titanium DynaVap tip and a wooden body, the VonG has a brand new titanium tip designed specifically for this model, and a titanium body with a wooden sleeve over it. The addition of the titanium body makes the device infinitely more durable, while also solving a couple of issues that we ran into with the wood only body of the HydraVonG.

While the wood only body of the HydraVonG looked cool, wood in this application can be problematic because it is affected by moisture and humidity. You could run into a situation where your device gets wet and swells up in your joint, making it difficult to get out, it could even crack due to the inconsistent nature of wood. The new titanium mouthpiece and inner-body remove these potential problems from the equation, while retaining the attractive wood finish.

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The trisected five fin tip prioritizes heat retention over cooling

Like the 2021 OmniVap and the 2021 M, the VonG has the stainless steel captive cap that is now standard across the lineup. Keep in mind that DynaVap still offer the Low Temperature Captive Cap and the regular cap as separate purchases, so you have options if you prefer a different style.

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Under the cap you’ll find a nona-notched tip with a trisected five fin profile, it also has the same three position adjust-a-bowl found on the OmniVap. I like how the cap twists off smoothly, rather than a kinda jerky straight pull off, as I find it minimizes the chance of spillage when you’ve got a really full bowl. I know I sound like a broken record here, but try the smallest bowl position, I’m going to keep saying this until everybody gives it a go. You use half the amount of flower and get more ‘green’ or fresh rips since you’ll be getting twice the amount of fresh loads.

The trisected five fin profile is where this tip differs from the OmniVap with its nine fins. This tip is a lot chunkier, with more mass, this is so the tip keeps more heat in your chamber. Because the VonG is made to be used with a water piece, you’re going to benefit more from additional thermal mass, rather than extra cooling. If you’re looking for a heavy hitting titanium tip, this is the one I would recommend.

When you put this new tip into the VonG body, you’ll notice that it has only two O-rings, this is going to help to reduce maintenance. There’s an audible as well as a tactile confirmation to let you know that the tip is in place, but I’m mostly impressed by how easily it goes in. With past models I’ve struggled to get tips in, but with this new lineup the tips just slide in there like a gentleman, and I really like the confirmation to let you know it’s properly set in place.


The purity benefits of titanium and the pleasing aesthetics of wood

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The titanium body has a matte finish on it like the Omnivap, I much prefer this over a polished finish, it does a better job of hiding the micro scratches that will appear after you insert the mouthpiece into a water piece over and over again.

The fact that the VonG is fully titanium lined on the inside means that your extraction doesn’t come in contact with any wood, the wood section is only a sleeve that goes around the outside, so you’ll get all the purity benefits of titanium.

The body of the VonG has two crowns, one at each end, the upper crown gives it a cool dynamic look while providing grip as you rotate the device and the lower crown helps prevent air lock, so it won’t get stuck in your water piece. I’m a big fan of the fatter look of this device, it feels chunky and solid.

The wooden section has some cool machining details which add grip and the tactile elements which DynaVap loves to put on their devices. This wooden piece has a rotational damper, this means that when you rotate it to set the airflow at your desired position it’s going to stay there until you move it.


Adjustable to meet your airflow preference

The airport on the VonG is called the eclipsing airport, it is adjusted by rotating the wooden section of the body and you can use it in a few different ways. It can be set fully open so it lets as much cool dilution air in as possible, completely closed so it functions as if the device doesn’t have an airport, resulting in the thickest draw possible, or anywhere in between. Similar to the Omnivap, I like to use this one set at the perfect airflow level so I can use it hands-free.

If you do want to use it like a traditional shotgun you’ll notice that the device sits up nice and high in a 14mm or a 10mm joint, making it very easy to use the airport without the need to dig your fingers down into the joint to access it.

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Fits perfectly into a 14mm or 10mm female water piece

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At the bottom of the device, you’ll notice a few things about the mouthpiece have been improved since the last model. Rather than being designed to work with only a 14mm water piece, the VonG has a dual taper, so it’ll fit perfectly in a 14mm or 10mm female water piece. Despite the design aimed at waterpieces, it also has a great mouth feel if you want to use it dry. The HydraVonG was a little bit awkward to use dry as it was wider, so it’s nice that the VonG feels more multipurpose in this way.


If you like consuming through water I think the VonG is the perfect choice

I think there is a huge amount of evolution present on all of the 2021 DynaVap models, but to me the VonG is the one that has gone through the most drastic redesign. The HydraVonG was definitely cool, but the new VonG is infinitely more durable, better for dry use, and more flexible in terms of which water pieces it will work with natively.

I really like the eclipsing airport and that you can set to your preferred level where it’ll stay in place, and that it sits nicely in your joint for easy hand positioning. I especially like that you can also set it for hands-free use, it’s my favourite way to use it.

If you’re like me and you like consuming through water, I think the DynaVap VonG will be the perfect choice for you. I’m really impressed with what they did here and the price it’s being offered at, I think it’s going to be a super popular choice in their new 2021 lineup

I hope you guys enjoyed this look at the new 2021 VonG.

Until next time, KIG KIS.

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