Cart Rocket by Vaping Fans An Easy Way to Use Cartridges With a Water Piece | Detailed Review

Hey guys, the Cart Rocket by Vaping Fans is a new 2-in-1 510 cartridge device that can be used as a stand-alone vape pen or it’ll fit directly into a 14mm or 18mm glass piece, with no adapter needed. This thing is perfect for cartridge rips through water.


A sturdy aluminum build

The Cart Rocket is a new 2-in-1 device that can be a stand-alone vape pen or it’ll fit directly onto a 14mm or 18mm glass piece with no adapter needed. It’s perfect for cartridge rips through water. It comes in nice packaging and with lots of stuff considering the $36 USD price tag. Inside is your Cart Rocket, a USB charging cable, a 0.5ml cartridge with a magnetic adapter and a 18350 battery.

The Cart Rocket is about 3.5” tall and made from aluminum, so it’s reasonably light. It’s not huge, but still bigger than a CCell Palm while also being pocketable. A black vape chassis with a red button and red accents make it a pretty stylish piece. The build is sturdy, and the magnet is secure, especially with cartridges like the PCKT SPRK. It’s a dual-use piece: the lights come on when you inhale on the tip, or you can press the button for activation.

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Includes everything you need

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The bottom of the vape opens and the negative sign on the door shows how to insert your battery. The lights will flash as you screw the bottom cap back on to show it has power. I charged mine up completely at first, which is just good vape practice in general.

On the back, there’s a mini-USB port and the lights turn red when the cable is connected and it’s charging. The lights turn green at 100% charged. The included cartridge works really well and looks similar to a CCell cartridge. It will hold half a gram of distillate or oil and it vapes nicely, though I’ll probably stick to my CCell carts or my SPRK carts. One thing I really like about this kit is it includes everything you need right out of the gate. Just add honey??


Couldn't be easier to use

The Cart Rocket has a very straightforward operation: one button controls the whole thing. Five clicks for on/off, and three clicks to change the temperature. There are three temp settings: low is green at 3.3V, medium is blue at 3.7V, and high is red at 4.2V. Green is my favorite when vaping dry, but through water I go with blue or even red, occasionally. Two clicks pre-heats the cartridge but it doesn’t need to warm up for very long; 2-3 seconds will get milky rips.

The Cart Rocket couldn’t be easier to use. Insert the cartridge, turn it on, and you’re ready to go. Just inhale and it’ll instantly heat up. Alternatively, you can double-tap or hold the button down a couple of seconds for pre-warming, then let go when you begin your hit. Holding the button primes the cart at the highest temperature, so if you do it this way, only use it for a second to maintain the lower temperature flavors.

There is a 10-second automatic shutoff, but with any button-operated vape, it’s a good idea to turn the piece off before transporting. I like how it's simple to use and works either dry or on water tools without adapters. I also like the option for hands-free use. Note that the 1100mAh battery is about double the capacity of a CCell Palm.

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A solid vape that puts out thick hits

The Cart Rocket is a great 510 vape for anyone that likes ripping their cartridge through water. It eliminates the adapter and it puts out tremendous amounts of vapor for the thick hits we all love. Even if you don’t do carts through water, having a powerful and replaceable 18350 battery is a nice advantage over many other 510s. Overall, the Cart Rocket is a very solid vape and one that I reach for often when I’m going for distillates.

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