The Gentleman Pipe For DynaVap Sneaky Pete Product Demo

A mix of old school charm and new school tech, the Gentleman Pipe for DynaVap is a different way to use your DynaVap tips. Harkening back to a classical style pipe, sit back and reminisce while utilizing the most advanced, battery-free vape on the market, the DynaVap.

Masterfully handcrafted from pearwood, each Gentleman Pipe is a unique piece of art that primarily acts as a super cool way to utilize your favorite tips. As these pipes have no carb, you’ll get a really solid pull that works to extract the chamber in fewer hits.
Included are two different stems for your Gentleman Pipe, the standard length “Aragorn” style and the longer “Gandalf” style. Also included is a drawstring pouch for storage of both stems.

As unique as this Pipe is, you’re going to want to match that distinctiveness with your heating method. Designed specifically to be used with an induction heater, the Gentleman is perfectly complimented by the Orion Portable Induction Heater.

Over the hills, and far away; you smoke your pipe, with your DynaVap, and life is good. Up your elegance with the Gentleman Pipe for DynaVap, just don’t forget your monocle.