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    The HydraVonG is the replacement of the NonaVonG, and as you can see just looking at them both side-by-side, there is a big difference in design. 


    The one I reviewed is dark wood, but there is also a light wood option and you can get it with or without a spinning mouthpiece.  The first thing you’ll notice is the different look.  The older model was squared off, but the new one has shaping and machining to it that looks more like something you’d see in metal.  The feel is interesting and really makes the piece easy to spin in your hand.

    Next, you’ll notice they’ve redesigned the shotgun adopting some recent breakthrough advances in carb technology.  The HydraVonG’s shotgun is angled both vertically and horizontally enabling you to adjust the airflow while it sits on your favourite water piece.  The shape of the new carb changes how much air comes into the stem and makes the air swirl, giving you some adjustability versus the previous on/off design.  The wood is now finished with food-grade carnauba wax for long-lasting protection.

How to Use

    I prefer the standard version over the XLS with the mouthpiece, but both work great dry or with water tools, so it’s all about your personal preference.  When you buy a HydraVonG it’ll come with a titanium tip, a cap, the 62mm stem and a standard condenser.  If you already own DynaVap, this new stem fits with their other components.  The mix-and-match design is a much-loved feature of this brand.  The function is great as a handheld dry piece and it drops onto a 14mm water sitting nice and high.  While I do appreciate the new shotgun design, it is a bit more difficult to find than the carb on the 2019 DynaVap M for example. 

Overall First Impression

    The HydraVonG a cool new update to DynaVap’s “Vape on Glass” VonG lineup.  The new design is much more interesting to look at and hold and the function is great.  I wish every piece sat up high in an adapter as the HydraVonG does.  I like the upgraded air intake, but I do wish it were easier to find by feel alone.  Overall, this is a great update and I can’t wait to see what they have planned for the next OmniVap.


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