Snowman Bubbler 10mm Water Piece Sneaky Pete Product Demo

Vaping isn't super serious business, you might as well have some fun with it. The Snowman Bubbler is an amusing little piece that holds a copious amount of water to provide frosty cooling for your vaping sessions.

Fitted with a 10mm joint, the Snowman works perfectly with DynaVap stems or any other 10mm male adapter that you’ve already procured. This device is just begging to be coupled with the Master Adapter which will allow most vaping apparatuses to be used with it. The Snowman’s compact size allows you to take it with you anywhere you roam, and it provides superior function compared to many other pieces this size.

On top of that, the green down-stem feeds into a four-holed straight percolator for great action and low draw resistance. The angled mouthpiece makes for comfortable use, and also helps to prevent you drinking any of the water in the Bubbler. With all of these features, you can also be assured that you’ll get a high volume of recycling action to produce cooler, larger hits, while still being able to pull water back into the reservoir and away from your mouth.

Punching way above its weight, the Snowman Bubbler is a delightful and unique product that delivers ultra-effective water cooling. Winter is here.


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Snowman Bubbler 10mm Water Piece

Snowman Bubbler 10mm Water Piece
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