The Starship: Universal Cooling Stem for All Your Vaporizers Enhanced Cooling Performance, Versatile Compatibility, and a Superior Dry Vaporizing Experience

Introducing the Starship: Our Universal XL Cooling Stem

Our Rocket Stems have been some of the most popular glass cooling stems on the market. They are highly effective, providing significant cooling without the need for a water piece. However, there is a limitation: each Rocket Stem is device-specific. For example, the stem designed for the Tinymight 2 won't work with the Mighty+, and vice versa.

The Problem with Device-Specific Stems

The need for device-specific stems means you have to purchase a separate Rocket Stem for each vaporizer. This can be inconvenient and costly for users with multiple devices. Recognizing this issue, we embarked on designing a universal solution that would offer the same, if not better, cooling performance.

Meet the Starship: A Universal Cooling Stem

We are excited to introduce the Starship, our new universal cooling stem. The Starship is not only compatible with various devices, but it is also an XL cooling stem. When compared to the Rocket Stem for the Tinymight 2, the Starship offers a significantly larger cooling area. It contains about 3.5x more cooling beads than the Tinymight 2 XL Rocket Stem.

Enhanced Cooling Performance

The additional glass beads in the Starship serve two main purposes:

1. Filtration: The beads filter the vapour as it passes through, capturing any small particles.

2. Cooling: Acting as a substantial heat sink, these beads draw heat away from the vapour. The cooled vapour means you inhale less heat, resulting in a smoother and more enjoyable experience.

Versatility with a 14mm Female Joint

Unlike device-specific Rocket Stems, the Starship features a standard 14mm female joint at the bottom. This universal joint allows it to work with any 14mm water pipe adapter you already own. For example, you can use your Solo 3 with the Starship without needing a separate Rocket Stem for each device. The same Starship cooling stem can be used on multiple devices, including the Solo 3 and Tinymight 2, thanks to its universal design.

How to Use the Starship

To use the Starship with the Tinymight 2:

1. Load the water pipe adapter as usual.

2. Insert it into your Tinymight 2.

3. Set the Tinymight to on-demand mode.

4. Attach the Starship on top of the 14mm water pipe adapter.

5. Hold down the button until ready and enjoy.

The Starship provides a super tasty vapour experience without losing any of the flavours through water filtration. The glass beads effectively cool down the vapour for a smooth draw.

To use the Starship with the Solo 3:

1. Attach the Starship to the 14mm adapter on the Solo 3.

2. Enjoy the same cooling benefits with the larger XL stem and additional beads.

Compatibility with the Mighty+

If you don't have an adapter for your Mighty+, you can use our Master Adapter. This adapter fits over the end of the Mighty+ mouthpiece, allowing you to use the Starship without needing a specific water pipe adapter.


The Starship stands out as a versatile, XL cooling stem with a universal 14mm unfrosted female joint. It features triple the number of beads found in our other Rocket Stems, offering exceptional cooling performance without requiring a water piece. Whether you use it with the Tinymight 2, Solo 3, or Mighty+, the Starship is designed to provide a superior vaporizing experience across multiple devices.

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