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The Tinymight is an exciting new vaporizer out of Finland that offers incredible performance.  It is a full convection, on-demand powerhouse that is powered with a single 18650 battery.  The temperature is fully adjustable by a rotary dial on the bottom of the device, where you will also find the (sigh) Micro-USB charging port.  After having used it for a couple of days I wanted to share my first impressions - give this short video a watch to find out more about the Tinymight and to whet your appetite for the full review coming later!    

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  • Posted by Tiffany Bauer on

    I have this tiny might vape also I got it the first week in may I love it! Simple and easy to use! And clean.its my favorite vape it out performs my other ones!

  • Posted by Steve Medeiros on

    Jumped on this one right now to avoid waiting a year like the G43 waitlist (RIP) 💩

  • Posted by Pete Manzoli on

    I can’t wait for the review Pete. My question is, as big as those hits were. Is it as smooth and tasty as my Firefly 2 ?

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