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Today I want to go over the Woodscents from Ed’s TNT. I have done a review on this device previously, but I want to show you the new upgraded model with the improved heater core, as well as go over this special Lite kit that we got Ed to make just for us. The Woodscents is a pure convection desktop log vaporizer, handmade in Mississippi by Ed himself, and it is a fantastically accurate device that is amazing for micro dosing.


Safe to leave on all day

The WoodScents AromaLog itself is super small and light, it’s only about four inches tall, two inches wide, and it weighs under 100g. This model is made out of African mahogany, and it has a very simple but ingenious design. I like that they included the black accent bands in this most recent version and how it fits perfectly in your hand. Inside the device is a ceramic heater core that is enclosed in a pure titanium air path. It features a floating heater, meaning that the heater is not sitting directly on the floor of the wood. Having this floating heater, as well as components made out of titanium rather than stainless steel means that the device does not get excessively hot. When some log vapes are left on for a long time they can reach temperatures which will lead to the wood cracking, but the WoodScents AromaLog will stay at the same safe temperature whether it’s been on for 10 minutes or 10 hours.

While this version of the AromaLog looks similar to its predecessor, internally it has the upgraded heater core, which is going to give you more power out of the box without needing to turn it up as high. The device plugs into the wall and the power cable features an adjustment dial which gives you full control of the temperature.

This particular model and kit was something that I asked Ed to make for me specially. This is a great vaporizer that I think more people should own, I know people would really enjoy it. The standard kit is expensive because it includes absolutely every accessory you could ever want, but if it includes even one thing that you don’t need then you’re paying for something you’re not using, right? So this is a Lite Kit, it contains just the power set up, the vaporizer itself, and a DynaVap titanium tip. That’s it! You can add to the kit exactly how you want to by way of separate purchases, you may very well already have some DynaVap stems that will work with this. This is the perfect way to get yourself a top-of-the-line log vaporizer.

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Heats up in about two minutes

One thing I like about the WoodScents is that Ed does a thorough check on each of these units before it gets shipped out. Each vaporizer is numbered and goes through a multi-point check by Ed to ensure proper function and verify the quality of the device. He also does a 24 hour burn off so it’s ready to go as soon as you get it. The AromaLog will heat up in about two minutes, though I let mine heat soak a bit longer for best results.

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Super simple to use

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Using a WoodScents AromaLog is super simple. Plug the cord into the back of the device, then the adjustable power dial plugs into that, and then the wall adaptor plugs into that. Once it’s all plugged in, go ahead and turn on the dial. On the dial the bar to the left of each number is the setting, so if you want it set at temperature six, line up the bar on the left of the number six to the thick end of the arc.

While it’s heating up you can load your DynaVap tip, don’t load it to the absolute brim, you want some room left. I fill mine to around the second marking when you are looking down the tip. If you want to fill it as much as possible you can use a chopstick to gently press your flower down, as it’s important that there is that space so that it can make a proper connection with the AromaLog.

The great thing about the Lite Kit is you can put this DynaVap titanium tip on any stem you already have. You can use it dry with a DynaVap body, a glass stem, or a water pipe adapter. You can even use it with a Simrell stem, it’s completely versatile in that regard.

Once you have your stem loaded up, carefully place the DynaVap tip over the AromaLog so that the AromaLog goes all the way into the DynaVap tip. Then if you are using it dry, simply inhale through your stem, it’s a good idea to slowly rotate the AromaLog side to side to get the best vape. If you are using it wet, put the tip in there, and then place that on to a water piece, again rotating it side to side while you’re hitting it. I normally use temperature setting 7.5 to hit it through water, and 6.5 to hit it dry.


Pure convection vapor with strong effects

The vapor quality on the WoodScents AromaLog is fantastic. The pure titanium air path means that you get no coloring of the vapor whatsoever. The taste that you get through this vaporizer is completely pure. If you use it at a lower temperature it is really smooth, even if you’re using it dry. At higher temperatures it can kick like a mule so I would recommend using it through a water piece for the smoothest results.

Since you get pure convection vapor with this one the effects are nice and strong. You can turn the temperature up and get a huge hit if you want. Essentially this vaporizer can produce whatever sort of hit you’re after, small or large, smooth or lung busting. If you do want a hit on the larger side, I recommend leaving the tip on the device for a couple of minutes before you hit it, to help warm it up.

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The thing I love most about the WoodScents AromaLog is that it is absolutely amazing for micro dosing. Micro dosing is becoming more and more popular, especially as people realize that not only does it allow you to control the experience more, it also allows you to do more frequent smaller hits, rather than always doing large sessions. This vaporizer excels at producing a hit with only a tiny amount of flower, so if you like to microdose you definitely want to look at the AromaLog with it’s stellar efficiency.

The temperature accuracy is amazing, you can load up your tip with flower, set it to temperature 6 and do as many hits as you want until no more vapor is produced, but your flower will still be a nice green. With some vaporizers, the more you hit it the more the herb cooks, but with the AromaLog it is only going to heat your herb to the temperature that you set it at, and no more.

Finally I love the convenience that this device offers. The vaporizer gets as hot in five minutes as it does in five hours, so it is one that you can turn on in the morning and then turn off when you’re ready for bed. Log vaporizers are incredibly convenient, and sometimes people underestimate how much convenience matters. It is a primary factor I consider when selecting a vaporizer.


I really wish there was an LED to let you know when the AromaLog is turned on or turned off. You have to look on the dial to make sure you’ve turned your device off, and a single LED would make that process easier.

When you shake the device hard, there’s a bit of a rattle. The good news is that Ed does a significant quality check on every unit, so it is simply a characteristic of the design.

Due to the way the device interfaces with the DynaVap tip, you are probably going to be tempted to leave your WoodScents upside down on a water piece at some point. It's not as stable as it seems at first glance, so I recommend only leaving it on the water pipe when you are there. Don't leave it unattended.


An affordable way to own a fantastic device

The WoodScents AromaLog is a fantastic log vaporizer, and the new heater core update makes it even better than the original. I am a huge fan of this Lite Kit, it makes it so much easier to get the exact set up you want without anything extra, while also making it more affordable and accessible. I love the convenience that this vaporizer offers, it's so easy to leave it turned on, sitting on your desk, ready to go whenever you need a hit.

The micro dosing capability and efficiency of the AromaLog are exceptional, and whether you like doing small hits or massive rips, this vaporizer will fulfil your needs. Ed is a fantastic artisan who stands behind the work he does, and if you haven’t considered a desktop log vaporizer, this is the perfect opportunity to do so.

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