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Welcome to Vape Talk

 ~ Q & A ~

Did you really take your bong to the park?

    I sure did!  In my last video “Ten Techniques for Vaping Dry Herb.” I vaped all over my local park.  At first, it was a bit weird.  Now that it’s been legal for eight months, I vape at the park whenever I like, though I still try to be considerate of others, so that video was shot early in the morning when few other folks would be there.  The rest of that day was less than productive...

Am I going to make my own vape?

    I get asked this a lot and the short answer is no.  I’m good at using vapes and reviewing them, but I don’t know if that qualifies me to be making one.  That said, The Vape Critic designed and built the G43 himself.  It’s one of my favourite vapes and has serious potential.

Are you going to review the Firefly 2+?

    I’m underwhelmed by the updates considering they’ve had over 4 years to make improvements.  It is cheaper, which is nice, but I just feel like I’ll be reviewing the FF2 again.  What do you all think?  Is the Firefly 2+ worth a sneaky peak?  Let me know in the comments.

~ Current Vape Toys ~

XVape Aria

    The Aria is a new device from XVape, makers of the Starry.  It releases next month.  The Aria is an inexpensive conduction vape with a better build quality than I’d expect for $79.  The chassis is brushed metal with 100% genuine (looking 😋) leather panels on the sides.  The mouthpiece attaches tightly with a magnet and the air seal is great.  I’m getting about five sessions per battery charge, which is great for a vape this small.  Overall, for the price, this is an excellent little piece for on-the-go.

Baby Bong v2

    We had the original Baby Bong tweaked to work directly with any DynaVap tip.  It’s a one-handed tool for adding a little water cooling without you getting splashed.  The tip fits snug in one end of the Baby Bong v2, then just twist back and forth while heating to the click.  Don’t rotate it all the way over.  The shotgun on top makes clearing out your hit a breeze.  It’s surprising how much just this little bit of water can really improve the tokes.

Lucid Customs Induction Heater

    Many of you have told me that an induction heater is a game changer.  They were right.  An induction heater warms up your DynaVap without using butane, just put the tip in the port until it clicks, and you’re ready to vape.  It isn’t the exact same as using a torch, so it took me a little bit to get adjusted.  Now, my DynaVap hits are so much more consistent and predictable.  They’re less thick, but getting back-to-back hits is easier and I feel like I’m in the temperature zone I like rather than sometimes overdoing it with a torch.  This thing is an investment, but it’s worth every penny for DynaVap fans.

The Carta by Focus V

    Last but not least, The Carta will be the next vape I review (video coming next week).  It’s a concentrate device like the Peak, but it has some unique advantages, including an automatic shutoff so you don’t come back to dab and find a drained battery anymore.  The Carta is really exceeding my expectations, and it’s $130 cheaper than a Peak.  No wonder this thing is becoming so popular.

    *PSA - Vape Talk is going to be premiering live on the last Saturday of the month from now on.  It’ll be a great chance for all of us to get together in live chat and talk all things vape related, and other shenanigans are possible.  We look forward to seeing all of you there! 

You can find many of these vapes plus all kinds of other cool stuff at either or

Keep It Green, Keep It Sneaky


  • Posted by Jon Bearg on

    The people at Sneaky Pete are “Standup” guys (and girls). They deliver the product promptly, answer any questions you might have and are very knowledgeable about their products. You can feel safe and comfortable in dealing with them.

  • Posted by Amy on

    Hey Pete are you selling induction heaters ???? i really need one 🤓

  • Posted by Janice M Gill on

    Would you please let me know when you get the Lucid Induction Heater in stock? I’m ready to buy one. Thankyou

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