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Q & A

Where Am I?


Why not do more comparison videos?

    There are a ton of vapes out there which sets up endless comparisons.  I think it's best for me to cover each piece in detail, and let you compare them.

Should I get an induction heater?

    Yes, especially for use at home.  If you’re vaping with your DynaVap every day, an induction heater is a very smart investment.  It easily gives you the same heating every time with very little work, not like the inconsistencies you can sometimes get with torches.

Currently Vaping

The Healthy Rips Fury Edge

    The Edge is basically an upgraded Fury 2.  The Fury 2 was my 2018 Vape of The Year, it’s an amazing piece.  The Edge is about ½ inch taller and it has 40% more battery capacity.  The Edge uses vibration instead of LEDs, USB-C charging (it’s much faster), and the entire airpath including the heating element is now stainless steel.  It also has a new accessory attachment that can hook up a WPA, a glass mouthpiece, or a bubble straw.  It’s a much more functional vaporizer.  The flavour is great and it didn’t really need much burn off out of the box new.

The Stempod Si

    The Si is a budget-friendly 510 vape for dry herbs.  It’s only about $60 dollars, so if you already have a mod to power it this is a very affordable way to get into 510 dry herb vaping.  The magic is its ability to easily let you swap different kinds of coils into your piece.  It comes with Kanthal coils, which are great for wattage mode.  When you get ready for temperature mode you can change the coils out for stainless or even standard e-cig coils.  The Stempod Si is versatile and customizable, and I find that it’s more forgiving than the Splinter for example.  The coils take longer to heat up, so they’re more difficult to fry out.

The Timberhead Designs Stand for The G43

    If you’re lucky enough to have a G43, snag one of these to go with it.  I love my G43, but it can be tricky to use depending on your rig.  The Timberhead Stand holds your g43 in place while keeping the cord under control, so you can easily load it or rest it when hot.  Must have accessory for any G43 owner.

New Goodies on The Sites

    The Sidewinder Glass Stem for DynaVap is over 12" of glass coiled around on itself in a spiral.  The longer pure glass vapour path cools your hit a lot more than the average stem.  It also has feet on the bottom to keep it from trying to roll off your table.

    The Baby Bong V2 XL holds more than twice the water of the original, so there’s more cooling.  Any DynaVap tip fits perfectly inside the built-in downstem, plus there’s a shotgun to give you complete control over the airflow in your hit.  Rip the hell out of this little piece, you won’t be drinking from it.

    Finally, we now carry the Blazer Pocket Micro Torch (PB207).  This is the one I’ve been using for years, and I’m often asked by customers where they can find one.  Now, that answer is right here!  The Blazer PB207 is made in Japan to strict quality controls, and that level of manufacturing care shows when you compare this torch to the cheap-o kind.  The piezoelectric ignition system is amazing, and the lockable flame works like a dream.  This is the best performing torch I know of, and it is my go-to for DynaVaping.


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PS – if you don’t win stay tuned, we have several more of these we’re going to be giving away over the next few months 😊



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