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Dr. Dabber Switch Quartz Insert

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Sneaky Pete Says:

The Dr. Dabber Switch is an awesome hybrid vaporizer that does a good job with flower and an amazing job with concentrate!  The ceramic coated titanium bowls are pretty good, but they are tough to compare with Quartz.  Quartz provides superior flavour and better thermal properties, resulting in increased performance and better overall vapour.  These Quartz Inserts will fit directly inside the bare titanium cup (not included) and function as good as if not better than the original.

Please note - this is a replacement Quartz Cup, you need the Titanium Insert that Dr. Dabber sells as well.

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Imperfect - but the price is right AND I have to say - the delivery blew my mind.

Will try a sandwich review for this as I do like it, but cannot go without mentioning the issues. I have a switch, and I bought the quartz cup from Dr. Dabber. The quartz cup was working great (stock, from Dr. Dabber) until I dropped it on the floor the 2nd time. That caused the lip of the cup to crack and left me with 1/3rd of a lip left. IT STILL WORKED, but I realized it needed to be replaced cuz it was pitting via my incorrect cleaning method (torch). It must be noted that I just went back to the original quartz insert that I broke because both of the cups I have received from SneakyPete broke and I can't say I know for sure why! Sneaky Pete's quartz insert - looks great. Works great. IS way cheaper than the stock one. It SEEMS to fit great, but compared to the stock cup this ends up not being true. They are a little taller I suppose than the titanium cup they sit in. The lip of the quartz cup had a noticeable gap between the lips of the titanium and quartz insert, and the first one had more of a gap than the second whereas the second cup barely had any gap but was still noticeable vs stock. The stock cup had zero gap - I don't know if this holds true for additional cups from Dr. Dabber as I only bought the one - they are a bit pricey! SP's insert worked just as well as DD's for a few days. Unfortunately on the 4th day as I got set up after work for my first of the day - I noticed the insert had a fat crack around the bend of the lip. I couldn't believe it of course, as the cup was perfect when I put everything away the night before. The delivery kept me from being upset though, because SP sent me TWO cups instead of one, as well as another nice surprise in the box. I was blown away by this, and said as much to my friends. GOOD job on that SP! Sooo,, I use the 2nd insert and toss the first. It fit a bit different than the first, with less gap between the lips and not quite as snug a fit (they get snug if you spin them after inserting into the titanium cup - not sure if its the quartz, or the titanium - but this doesn't hold true with the stock insert.) A little over a week since the switch I get home and after cleaning up a gigantic cat disaster, find the new insert is now also cracked - the exact same way. I did not replace it at that point and decided to see how well it would work since the stock broken cup that I still had still worked. 3 days later while cleaning it with a swab and alcohol I break the cup completely and am now back to using the stock one. Why did I bother to leave a review? Because the delivery experience was amazing. I almost don't want to mention it so it's a surprise for others but I'll let SP decide what to do with that piece. I am ordering 1 more, and will see if they send 2 again. I said when I got them, that they had impressed me enough to have a customer for life and that may hold true on other items IF the new cups I order seem to have the same issue. It is almost worth it, the taste and ease of cleaning vs the ceramic cups.............

Jason L.
United States United States

World Cup

Thicker than the OEM, so it's more durable. It doesn't sit flush in the titanium cup which is fine. Because of the tight fit, it doesn't spin when you swab it after a dab and makes it easier to clean. I did find that I needed to adjust the temp up a notch or two due to it being thicker, though.

Derek W.
United States United States

Better than DD

Personally I like these better than the DD ones. This is my second purchase

Eric E.
United States United States

Must have for the switch!

If your not using a quartz insert in your switch, your missing out. It's all I use. Personally I think the sneaky pete insert is actually easier to keep clean than the DD for some reason! Order this, you wont regret!

Eric E.
United States

Great idea...

Of course the item is cool. Does it work, yeah. Does it work really well, not so much. First thing I noticed is The quartz doesn’t sit tightly enough against the titanium, causing a slightly longer heat up time. Next thing is, the quartz cup doesn’t even make contact with the bottom of the titanium, which doesn’t allow for even heating through the induction process. One last major annoyance, is the fact that the lip of the quartz is slightly wider, making it damn near impossible to get out when any residue is present. Lastly, after about a weeks worth of use and consistent cleaning, it shattered when I removed it from the switch. I think I’ll be heading back to the OEM version for this.

Tom S.
United States United States