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Puffco Prism XL

$19.97 USD

Sneaky Pete says - The Puffco Prism XL is an awesome silicone concentrate container that allows you to segregate different strains of concentrates, for easy use and loading on the go! The XL gives you even more slots of varied size than the original Prism, and can easily hold a few grams of your favourite material. I always save a little bit of each strain I use so at the end I have a wide variety of flavours and effects to choose from!

Designed to satisfy even the most ambitious concentrate connoisseur, The Puffco Prism XL is the upgraded iteration of the Prism. Delivering all the intelligence and innovation of the original Prism design, the Prism XL boasts additional features, including single dose, double dose, and large capacity pockets as well as a flat loading tool that conveniently fits into its own compartment.

Created for consumers who want the ability to carry more oil, the Prism XL’s pockets are ideal for packing your pen fully, while large capacity pockets can house more generous amounts of concentrate. Crafted from Platinum-cured Silicone, The Puffco Prism XL is designated food safe by the FDA. For those who want to use their oil on the go or just get the perfect dose at home, the Prism XL is the perfect companion.

Load it up and take it with you anywhere; the Prism XL is the new lifestyle essential.

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