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Sneaky Pete Says:

The E-Nano is a powerful little log vape the produces mouth watering vapour clouds.  The ceramic heater provides convection heating to gently warm your herb, producing amazing flavour and huge cloud potential.  You can leave it plugged in at a low temperature, then boost it up when you're ready to use it which provides very simple and convenient operation.  I absolutely love log vapes and I highly recommend them for almost any user.  Overall this is a very affordable desktop vaporizer with amazing performance!

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Key Features:

  • super convenient and very easy to use
  • fast 2 minute heat up time
  • rotary variable power/ON-OFF switch, you chose the temperature from 0-560F
  • full AC power, plenty of power for herbs, flowers, aromatherapy oils and concentrates
  • custom designed 100% ceramic heating element, ROHS compliant, clean air path, peace of mind
  • extra long removable 2.5 metre power cord with variable temperature control built in, no bulky external power supply
  • hand crafted in the USA from a solid piece of sustainable hardwood, no laminates, natural shellac finish, no Voc’s no lacquers, no paints
  • 24 hour factory burn in, ready to plug and play when you un-box it
  • 3 year warranty, lifetime warranty on the ceramic heater
  • many accessories available, easy to use with a  water piece
  • we get our vaporizers directly from the manufacturer, be aware of fake vaporizers, they can be unsafe and/or unhealthy!

This Product Is Best For:

Someone who wants an amazing, easy to use vaporizer that can produce massive clouds with ease all day long.  The E-Nano would definitely be a consideration for a 'desert island' vaporizer (provided the island had power, ha!).


Standard Borosilicate Glass Wand w/ Stainless Steel Basket Screen, Cotton Bag, E-Pik Stainless Steel Multi-Tool, Quick Start Guide 

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