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Sneaky Pete Says:

The HydroBrick Maxx is an absolute monster, it won my 2016 Vape Award for Hardest Hitter.  The vaporizer comes with an 18mm male joint that will work directly with a HydraTube, and it also includes a whip adapter so you can use it with any water piece you already have.  The Maxx has a handy wooden storage lid as well, so everything is self-contained and hidden out of sight.  Instant convection vapour with massive hits that are designed to be used with a water piece, what more does a guy want?

The Maxx is one of our favourite products to date. It comes loaded with everything you need to have a truly portable desktop unit. Built-in storage and hideaway cap help conceal everything nicely inside the Maxx. We ship the Maxx with a whip and connectors, the dry 18mm mouthpiece, built-in 18mm male connector for water use, storage jar and cork for material, built-in stir stick compartment, a torch, screens, two corks for the carb, LED lighted tweezers, and a stainless tool.  The Maxx is available in Walnut, Cherry, Maple, and Spanish Cedar.

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Hydro Brick Maxx

After a bit of a learning curve, I must say I really like it. I have not yet used it with a bubbler yet so I can’t comment how it works with that. Overall if you like to vape I have found this a great item to have and use.

Bret M.
United States United States

The best all around vaporizer.

This thing is a ridiculously hard hitter. Completely replaced my dynavap as my “at home” vape. I could not believe the vapor production, flavor and efficiency. The deal on this was amazing too at the time. I use it native for the first flavor hits and with the whip for the rest. By the way, love that there has been candy in all of your packages so far.


once you get the technique

it gives you the best vape of most devices out there . Way back in the late 90's I was running around with the Vriptech device . You would put it on a bong and use a good heatgun for the convection......back when no one knew what vaping was. then came the Volcano ......the Vriptech was still the best bang for the buck but it broke > I haven't had a good convection vape until the Sticky Brick. Once you get the technique then it just gives milky convection vapor that tastes as good as anything out there. The efficiency is as good as it gets. One thing to note is they have changed designs at Sticky Brick Labs . The newer version that Pete sells no longer has the stainless sleeve . I thought mine was unfinished when I got it because the intake brick now just has a small hole in it above the bowl and no longer has a stainless sleeve. If you get this give it a few good chances before you throw it . The first rip I took was way too hot and I didn't think I was very aggressive . I have it down now........DO GET the Sneaky Pete black angled intake. After some time with the original intake I can use it fine but the angled intake is far superior to the straight intake . I use the Hydro Brick mostly dry.....I like the option for water so I went with the Hydro but dry is just awesome and tastier Sneaky Pete shipping and customer service was second to none, super fast, super friendly.

Bill S.
United States

Great Daily Home Vape

This has become my daily home use vape since I got it. I use this over my Arizer Air, Arizer Extreme Q, and Magic Flight Launch Box. This really gets the most out of whatever you’re loading into it with a small learning curve. While it is set up to handle water pipes, I’ve mainly used mine dry with the supplied glass mouth piece with no issues.

Chris D.
United States

Feels like magic, excellent customer service.

About 2 years ago, I decided to get my first vaporizer. I took all the money I had gotten from Christmas that year and bought The Firefly 3. A few days later, the review for the Sticky Brick came out. I was so disappointed because I expected the Firefly 3 to perform just like the Sticky Brick but there's just no comparison there, as I was going for a heavy hitter and not so much a flavor chasing device. Finally, 2 years later, I finally had enough money again to buy one, as I needed a solution to medicate without smelling up my studio space. I also live in Michigan, it's going to get super cold soon, so smoking outside was a lot less than favorable. So, I pulled the trigger and went with Sneaky Pete instead of the manufacturer because I'm a huge long time fan of his videos, and holy moly am I glad I did. Firstly: get the extra funnel because it's totally *******' and worth it. And second: The free grinder that comes with the order is actually really worth it. It's nothing fancy but I love the way it's set up, and it's actually the only one I have as of right now. The teeth are super sharp and seem quite durable, I was afraid of the plastic design breaking. To my surprise, it has stood very well over time. SUPER fast shipping times. I mean obviously I was so excited so I barely slept those two days waiting for it, but I was NOT expecting to get the package in just a couple of days. I think it was a holiday weekend as well if I remember right. Just incredible customer service from Sneaky Pete all around, if you're debating whether or not to go with him versus the manufacturer, just go with him, I PROMISE it will be worth your while. On to the brick itself. There's really not much to be said that hasn't been said already. Yeah, it spits clouds. Yes, there's a technique. Yes the flavor is on point. And yes, with the right product, you can achieve highest state of which you have ever been. Charring, obviously sucks really bad. I recommend starting outside if you're trying to keep smell down like me, and DEFINITELY ordering extra screens. They're like a few bucks just add 'em into your cart I promise you'll thank me later. Using water tools is usually the cause of this, because, like me, that's what you're probably most excited for, but I highly recommend that you master it dry first or you will be in for a bong full of smoke. Get. A. New. Torch. I ordered a new one on Amazon and it came the same day as my brick. I'd link it, but it doesn't always ignite on the lower settings, which is what you'd want to use for the brick. It can just be a little bit of a pain in the *** sometimes, so I wouldn't recommend it. Here's the link to the one I'm looking at that should do the job perfectly, and it's what I'd recommend you get: These torches can be found cheaper at automotive discounters elsewhere if you don't need super fast shipping. Back to the brick though, it's everything I wanted it to be and more. It just hits and hits and hits. The efficiency on this gadget is unmatched. I may have just been a bit too medicated, but I swear I got like 8 or 9 rips off from one pack of quality herbs. This product just feels to good to be true almost like magic. If you've been hesitating on purchasing it, just pull the trigger and do it. Keep it GREEN and keep it sneaky!

Jesse G.