• Puffco Peak Smart Rig,Concentrate -
  • Puffco Peak Smart Rig,Concentrate -
  • Puffco Peak Smart Rig,Concentrate -
  • Puffco Peak Smart Rig,Concentrate -
  • Puffco Peak Smart Rig,Concentrate -
  • Puffco Peak Smart Rig,Concentrate -

Puffco Peak Smart Rig

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Sneaky Pete Says:

The Puffco Peak truly brings dabs to the next level.  You no longer require a torch, banger, and a rig to get the true dabbing experience!  The Puffco Peak is extremely easy to use, and gives a replicable experience with every single hit, something that requires a considerable amount of finesse with a traditional setup.  Simply load your material in, select from 1 of 4 temperatures, and double click the button.  20 seconds later, the device will vibrate letting you know that it's time to dab!  The Peak has an integrated water piece on top and gives you 20+ hits per charge, meaning you can now take a true dabbing experience anywhere you want!

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Key Features:

  • futuristic dabbing, analogous dabbing experience to traditional banger/torch setups
  • USB charging, 20+ uses per battery charge
  • heats up in 20 seconds, vibration alerts when heated
  • exceptional purity, material only comes in contact with the ceramic bowl, no exposed metal or wires
  • integrated water filtration for cool and smooth hits
  • fantastically pure flavour, extremely strong effects
  • atomizer can be disassembled for easy cleaning
  • 4 temperatures to select from, 450°F, 500°F, 550°F, 600°F
  • Smart Rig means intelligent heating, the Peak gives you an identical hit every single time, no guess work involved
  • functional and practical carrying case included
  • Sesh Mode extends your hit and increases the temperature, making it easy to pass around for session use
  • we get our vaporizers directly from the manufacturer, be aware of fake vaporizers, they can be unsafe and/or unhealthy!

This Product Is Best For:

Someone who wants the power, flavour, and effects of a dab rig but doesn't want to saddle themselves to their traditional setup.  The Puffco Peak allows for a top tier concentrate experience that is truly portable and easy to use.


Puffco Peak, Puffco Peak Water Tool, Extra Ceramic Bowl, Glass Carb Cap, Secure Carrying Case, Loading Tool, Micro-USB Supercharger, Premium Cleaning Swabs, 1 Year Warranty