• Sneaky Pete Dark Scorpion 14mm Water Tool,Glass -
  • Sneaky Pete Dark Scorpion 14mm Water Tool,Glass -
  • Sneaky Pete Dark Scorpion 14mm Water Tool,Glass -
  • Sneaky Pete Dark Scorpion 14mm Water Tool,Glass -
  • Sneaky Pete Dark Scorpion 14mm Water Tool,Glass -
  • Sneaky Pete Dark Scorpion 14mm Water Tool,Glass -
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Sneaky Pete Dark Scorpion 14mm Water Tool

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$44.97 USD

$34.97 USD

Sneaky Pete Says:

This rocks!  The Dark Scorpion allows you to take your water-cooled vapour experience on the go.  It has a 14mm female joint, so it will work directly with any of our glass adapters.  Filling it is easy - hold the unit under a tap with the female joint facing down. Fill with water for a few seconds then turn off the tap, no matter how much you put in it will automatically drain to the exact level needed.  The vapour is much cooler and very satisfying when you using a water conditioning tool like this.  The Dark Scorpion is made from a dark yet see-through glass, in certain light it looks black, in others you see shades of green!

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Key Features:

  • dark opaque glass for a sleek and sophisticated look 
  • provides substantial water cooling and filtration to your favorite vaporizer
  • stands approximately 5" tall
  • the Dark Scorpion features a popular 14mm female joint
  • easy to fill design, simply fill with the label pointing downwards and the water tool will automatically drain to the proper volume
  • spill resistant (not spill proof) design helps to minimize mess
  • use with any vaporizer adapter that features a 14mm male joint
  • the piece feels substantial without being too bulky

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    William Bradford

    Perfect Bubbler

    I use this with my Airizer Solo 2 and am a heavy all day user this works great. The cooling is good and it doesn't leak cleaning is easy as well. Love this product and will be buying more accessories.

    United States

    Works well. well made

    Sneaky Pete addressed the issue with a faulty Scorpion and I will say it works well does not leak and cools down the vapor. Will shop here again due to the service.


    Cool it down while classing it up!

    I ordered this as an improvement to my bubble straw and what can I say? This is very solid and well built with great filtration for a small piece. It really makes my Solo 2 look impressive and classy as well! Ready to fill and clean, easy to use and I don't even worry about water getting into my vape. If this came in the box I probably wouldn't need anything else to get the best from this vape! Home run again Pete and keep up the great reviews!!! I got candy with this order too but t that's not surprising at all!

    United States

    If you don’t have one, get one

    I love this Scorpion water tool. I use it with my Arizer Solo II. The water effectively mellows out the harsh, hot vapor that the Arizer produces (with 60mm-110mm standard oem vapor paths being just not quite long enough to allow the vapor to cool before hitting your mouth). I do find that my lips are often wet and get spattered when airflow is too free, so you Crafty/Mighty owners out there might find half as much water in your mouth as in the water tool if you give it a good strong rip. Wet lips don’t bother me enough to drop the rating to 4 stars though. Great product. I wish I had gotten on board with a product like this years ago with my original Arizer Solo. I also got the protective travel sleeve and am super happy I have somewhere secure to put it when not in use. It’s a loose fit inside the tube side-to-side, so if you plan on traveling with it in the tube, I would wrap it up in a paper towel before sealing in the tube. 5 stars too for the simple plastic tube with rubber end caps that only cost a couple dollars more.

    Filip Z.


    The 14 mm glass adapter doesn't fit 100% on my Arizer Air 2 vape, it has a bit of free space in between and it moves, so you have to be a bit extra careful when using, but general impression is good.