Sticky Brick Vaporizers & Accessories

Sticky Brick vaporizers are great for people who are getting into vaping, but still like the rituals around the act of smoking. One of the hardest hitting vaporizer lines out there, Sticky Bricks are one of the few product lines that are specifically dry herb “combustion” vaporizers. 

These hand-crafted wooden vapes are made in the USA and are easily modified thanks to their modular builds and standard sized stems.  We also offer several OEM replacement parts for most of the replaceable parts.
If you need a replacement intake for your Brick, either of these will work for any Brick! Available in bent or straight variants.
The Restrictor Discs are a game-changer for the Sticky Brick lineup! These 316 Stainless Steel discs sit between your flame and your herb in your Brick. They put your Sticky Brick on "Easy Mode", enabling you to learn the proper...