• Sneaky Pete Arizer Bubble Straw,Glass -
  • Sneaky Pete Arizer Bubble Straw,Glass -
  • Sneaky Pete Arizer Bubble Straw,Glass -
  • Sneaky Pete Arizer Bubble Straw,Glass -
  • Sneaky Pete Arizer Bubble Straw,Glass -
  • Sneaky Pete Arizer Bubble Straw,Glass -
  • Sneaky Pete Arizer Bubble Straw,Glass -
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Sneaky Pete Arizer Bubble Straw

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$27.97 USD

Sneaky Pete Says:

The Bubble Straw adds one-piece water filtration to the Arizer Air 2, Solo 2, Air and Solo! Simply fill with the logo facing the proper direction, and the Straw will automatically drain to the ideal amount of water. Allow to dry, and then scoop some herb into the bowl, then place on your Arizer Portable.  With the added water cooling and filtration, you’ll be able to turn your Arizer up to a higher temperature for even bigger hits that are always cool and smooth. A very reasonably priced way to add significant performance increases to your Solo 2 or Air 2, or spice up the performance of your OG Solo or Air. 

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Key Features:

  • works with the Solo 2, Air 2, Solo and Air
  • easy to fill, non-spill design
  • provides significant water cooling and filtration
  • no adapter required, one-piece design is all you need
  • bowl is large and has great airflow for maximum hit size
  • water cooled vapor is significantly cooler and easier on the throat 
  • to empty or change water, simply hold over a sink and blow through the top 
  • a great way to increase the performance and enjoyment of your Arizer portable

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United States United States


Exactly what i was looking for

A Sneaky Pete Store Customer
Jason D.
United States United States

Not worth the effort

This is a neat idea, but in reality, it turned out to be not worth it. It does help some with cooling the water but it's more work to fill and clean. In the end, I rarely use it compared to the normal stems.

thomas b.
United States United States

it doesnt leak!

It doesnt cool as well as the black scorpion but it also doesn't leak. Leaking will **** your solo 2 and the scorpion did that to mine. But this straw doesnt leak and the vapor to a much more tolerable temperature than the one supplied by arizer.


Excellent Addition to My Solo 2

This is a game changer. Already decent hits have become effortless and are way smoother than before. Can finally taste some flavor with this bubbler. About to buy another for a friend. One thing, I want the next one to have a Red Maple Leaf . Thanks again!

Jett Lo


The thing is, I really enjoy the straw. Or at least I did for the one day of use I got out of it. The screen that separates the herb from the inside was lose and fell down the sink drain upon me attempting to put more water into the straw. No big deal, and also my fault might I add. So I call the sneaky pete contact number, a woman answers the phone and proceeds to tell me to go to a vape shop near me and fine a dime sized screen? She was very condescending “I mean you can use your warranty on a screen if you want to?”. So I get off the phone before she gets cussed out. I attempt to find a screen the next day, no luck. I call back and it’s the same exact woman but this time, she has kids screaming in the background. It was kind of ridiculous because here she was being rude the other day, and now you have kids screaming while doing your job, I doubt they train you to just do whatever at home while working from home? She’s nicer this time and proceeds to tell me she’s going to reach a higher up and they will be emailing me. The extensive and unnecessarily complicated troubleshooting steps this person gave me, instead of just sending me a new $20 straw or even just a screen, baffled me. I have had issues with other vapes and stems and such and the company usually is very good with replacing faulty products, especially just a stem? I wrote all of this, and yes I had time, just to let y’all know to do better. I’m ordering another straw now, and i’ll write another review regarding the use but for now, i’m very unsatisfied pete. And please don’t email me with some BS customer service sh*t.