• Sneaky Pete Little Bandit 10mm Portable Water Tool,Glass Piece -
  • Sneaky Pete Little Bandit 10mm Portable Water Tool,Glass Piece -
  • Sneaky Pete Little Bandit 10mm Portable Water Tool,Glass Piece -
  • Sneaky Pete Little Bandit 10mm Portable Water Tool,Glass Piece -
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Sneaky Pete Little Bandit 10mm Portable Water Tool

$39.97 USD

$30.97 USD

Sneaky Pete Says:

This rocks!  The Little Bandit allows you to water-cool your DaVinci IQ or Dynavap on the go.  It has a 10mm female joint, so it will work directly with either device. Filling is easy as the device will automatically fill to the proper level.  The vapour is much cooler and very satisfying when you add a layer of water filtration.  A great solution for portable use, or at home.

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Key Features:

  • 10mm female joint works with DaVinci IQ/MIQRO & any Dynavap model
  • filling is easy, with 10mm female joint facing down place under tap and fill with water
  • the Little Bandit will automatically drain to the perfect level
  • water conditioning really cools down the hits, allowing you to take larger and less irritating draws
  • the Little Bandit is small yet it provides a great degree of cooling

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Try it without water, just air and glass

I bought this to use with my Dynavaps. I liked it with water but stopped using it because it can be messy filling and draining. The vapor path is so long in this thing I figured it didn't need water to cool the vapor. I was right. It does a great job of cooling the vapor with nothing but glass and air. I can hold it parallel with the ground and hit my dynavap while looking straight ahead. With no water there is nothing to spill when you hold this sideways. It cools the vapor so well without water I won't ever bother with the mess again.

James G.
United States

A good thing!

I bought it to use with my Grasshopper. So far, I’ve only used it without water. Sort of a steamroller. Works great. Would buy again.

Michael X.
United States

Great little bubbler

I love this thing. It cools the hits on the dynavap down immensely. It is compact, impossible to overfill and much easier to clean than a standard bubbler since there are no twists and turns in the glass.

Brent N.
United States

Little Bandit

Performs well..................

Robert W.
United States

I just bought a second one because i gave my other one away.

Someone I know enjoyed it so much I let them keep it. I love how portable it is. I don't like how with a dynavap it doesn't feel like it fits "perfectly", but it get the job done perfectly!