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Dr. Dabber

Dr. Dabber Switch

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Sneaky Pete Says:

The Dr. Dabber Switch is the first vaporizer to bring induction technology to the market. Induction provides for some unique advantages, the first one you’ll notice is the insane heat up time, around 5 seconds! The Switch is physically large and has a battery to match, lasting around 150 hits per charge. The device works for both concentrate and flower with it’s ceramic coated induction cups and provides a great experience for concentrate and a unique experience more akin to smoking for dry herb. The Switch packs some serious horsepower and allows for insanely fast hits!

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Key Features:

  • the first induction heating vaporizer to hit the market
  • heats in as little as 5 seconds
  • truly on demand vapour for both dry herb and concentrate
  • ceramic coated titanium induction cups provide great flavour and easy cleaning
  • built in cleaning cycle for easy maintenance of cups
  • included water bubbler provides tremendous cooling, especially when considering the size of hits the Switch produces
  • 150+ hits per charge, best in class battery life
  • removable/replaceable 33.3 watt hour battery
  • wide and stable base, device remains stable even when water bubble is attached
  • produces very clean/tasty vapour when used with concentrate
  • produces an experience more akin to smoking (though without true combustion) with dry herb, though at lower temperatures it is more similar to vaporizing
  • features Advanced Mode for both dry herb and concentrate for precise temperature control
  • built in auto cool down cycle to protect your vaporizer from overheating
  • we get our vaporizers directly from the manufacturer, be aware of fake vaporizers, they can be unsafe and/or unhealthy!

This Product Is Best For:

Someone who wants the strength of a traditional dab rig in something that is large but portable with insane battery life. The Dr. Dabber Switch provides virtually instant heat up and will satisfy even the heavy hitters.


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