• Dynavap - Omnivap Blackwood

Dynavap - Omnivap Blackwood

$154.97 USD

Sneaky Pete says - The Dynavap series is another killer vaporizer that doesn't need a battery!  The on-demand conduction/convection heating is provided by a butane lighter, or a regular lighters, or a candle, burning stick, stove element etc!  The units are absolutely tiny but provide an amazing vapour experience.  The best part about the series is that it comes with a huge variety of different models and prices, from entry level to luxury performance.  I am a huge fan of the Dynavap series, one to consider!!
The OmniVap is Constructed primarily from Titanium and other semi-precious metals. It features what we believe is an industry first infinitely adjustable air/vapor ratio, by simply twisting the mouthpiece. It does not get hot - even after prolonged use, (with the exception of the vaporization chamber or titanium tip) This model includes a Blackwood Body and Titanium Mouthpiece.
Product Characteristics
  • Midsection: Blackwood Body
  • Crowns: Two
  • Condenser: Omni
  • Mouthpiece: Omni / Titanium
  • Total Length: 92 mm 

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