• E-Nano Water Pipe Adapter,Glass -
  • E-Nano Water Pipe Adapter,Glass -
  • E-Nano Water Pipe Adapter,Glass -
Epic Vape

E-Nano Water Pipe Adapter


$13.97 USD

Sneaky Pete Says:

This Water Pipe Adapter will allow you to use your E-Nano with any 14mm or 18mm female water piece.  The E-Nano is an absolute champion through water, it can produce massive and intensely flavourful vapour clouds that cause zero throat irritation.  The adapter is made from high-quality borosilicate glass and includes a bumper to help protect the glass and to prevent it from rolling off of your table.  The Stem is available in an Adjustable version that will allow you to optimize your load size and proximity to the heater by adjusting the steel screen placement, or a Fixed version that contains a permanent glass screen to allow for the purest vapour pathway possible. 

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