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ELEV8R Glass Vaporizer

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Sneaky Pete Says:

The ELEV8R from 7th Floor Vapes is one of the coolest and most enjoyable vaporizers I have used in a long time!  It has a design unlike anything else, it's almost too simple to believe.  It provides 100% convection heating and can be used extremely well with both dry herb and concentrate, which is incredibly rare.  Heat the upper section with a torch for 10-60 seconds (depending on your torch) and then inhale, that's it!  Maintenance is dead simple due to its (almost) completely glass design.  I can't overstate how enjoyable this vaporizer is to use, I like to keep it very clean so I can see the vapor flow through the glass.

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Key Features:

  • vapes dry herbs or concentrates or both at the same time!
  • portable, durable, lightweight, and inexpensive
  • pure convection vapor
  • heating comes from a butane torch, can be found online for around $25
  • heats in 30-60 seconds depending on your torch and technique
  • exceptionally pure flavor from both dry herb and concentrate
  • color on both Water Pipe Adapter and Vape Wand is random with each order
  • simply shake ELEV8R to stir your load
  • all-glass pathway (except for the screens and metal clip)
  • includes Sick Clip to ensure snug glass connections and act as a kickstand for your wand when you want to put it down
  • USA made in Colorado Springs
  • replaces traditional bangers and dab straws
  • easily comes apart to fit standard storage bags & cases
  • easy to use with a water piece
  • we get our vaporizers directly from the manufacturer, be aware of fake vaporizers, they can be unsafe and/or unhealthy!

This Product Is Best For:

Someone who wants a simple to use butane vaporizer that delivers powerful, flavorful and smooth clouds for both dry herb and concentrate.  The ELEV8R is a joy to use and it will keep you coming back for more.


ELEV8R Vape Tip, ELEV8R Vape Wand, Water Pipe Adapter, 14-18mm Water Pipe Sizing Adapter, Sick Clip, Flavor Disc, Custom Pick, Extra Screens 

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    Simple tips and still 5 stars.

    I don't know how to edit my other review, so here we are. This is after a LOT of testing. Everything that follows was done through my dual shower head bubbler and applies only to herb. It does not apply to concentrates or to the glass "pipe". Put a SMALL amount of herb in the bowl. A marble sized budlet is plenty, maybe even half that if it is dense. Trust me, less is more. Chop it finely. I use scissors on the fresh Blue Dream I'm toking lately. If the bud is dry-dry, crush it with your fingertips over the bowl. A lot of good stuff clings to grinders, IMHO. It should be enough to cover the screen and about halfway up the clear area of the bowl loosely. No more. It seems small, but it is plenty. Filling it does not deliver superior tokes. Heat the ELEV8R Heater Vape Tip in a blue flame. I use the simple Worthington Propane tip and count to 25-27. That is what works for me. It is important to be conservative with heat and herb. Adjust upward from 20 if you have doubts. You will find the "magic number" for your torch. Take a few long and slow hits. The first will be good. The second one will be very, very good. The third will diminish slightly as heat does. You may get another hit or two, but lighter. They will all taste wonderful. They will also all work. You could stop here, and get back to it later. OR you could wait a minute or so, reheat for 80-90% of your original time (you may need to adjust) and take the deepest hit you can manage. Yeah, THAT hit. I cannot recall another dry herb vape delivering anything like that, just never. Wear a seat belt and put on a happy face. Enjoy.

    John O

    EVG=Extra Good Vaping,

    This thing is genius. Simple, but bada$$. I've been testing it very thoroughly. I ran a bunch of Blue Dream bud through it, then I ran some CO2 extract through it. Killer hits. Clouds of vapor. SMOOOOOOOTH hits. WAY TASTY hits. In fact, they were so smooth and tasty that I tested the s*** out of it several more times. Call the pizza place! More tests! Not exactly for beginners but, if you are spending $ on this, you likely aren't one. It works great kiddies! DON'T overload the pipe with bud. Just don't. Nope. Uh-uh. Use a clock or learn to count for best results.


    Takes some practice

    Alright I'll kick off the reviews on this. I wouldn't recommend this to someone who wants to just take this out of the box and get huge rips. There is a learning curve with this one for sure. I'm no pro with vapes to be fair so maybe someone could pick this up faster then I have but it takes practice. Ok on to the good, once you get it dialed in you can get some big vapor and the taste is awesome!! The bowl is as big as you want it so fill it to you're hearts content and let it rip!