• ELEV8R Heater Vape Tip,Glass Adapters -
  • ELEV8R Heater Vape Tip,Glass Adapters -
  • ELEV8R Heater Vape Tip,Glass Adapters -
7th Floor Vapes

ELEV8R Heater Vape Tip

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$40.97 USD

Add Glass Protect (?) for only $1.99! Glass items can break. We get it - we’ve done it too. So get 50% off a replacement item with Glass Protect.

Sneaky Pete Says:

The ELEV8R from 7th Floor Vapes is one of the coolest and most enjoyable vaporizers I have used in a long time!  It has a design unlike anything else, it's almost too simple to believe.  It provides 100% convection heating and can be used extremely well with both dry herb and concentrate, which is incredibly rare.

The Vape Tip is the heart and soul of the ELEV8R, heat the tip with a torch to release the convection power of the ELEV8R.  It includes a screen so you can shake your herb to stir, and will replace any lost or broken component for your ELEV8R. 

The Vape Tip is available in both Borosilicate and Quartz options depending on your preference!

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    True On-Demand Convection

    Over the past couple of years I've become enamored with convection vaporizers. All of my vapes now are either pure convection or hybrid using both conduction and convection. I thought I knew what cannabis really tasted like. I was close, but when I got my Elev8r from Pete this week I learned what pure convection taste really is, and what it does. It took me a while to dial in my torch technique, but after re-watching Pete's video I had it down. And the vape had me UP!. WOW. I just love it. If you're looking for an On-Demand vape to load a big bowl that will last you through the afternoon or evening, look no further. Perfect for a movie or baseball game. And if you've never tried on-demand, self-regulated devices give this one a chance. Because there's so much about the experience YOU can control. And you can take a pull and put it down again without degrading your product. I ordered the quartz heater with WPA and clip to use with my Globe which is the perfect water piece for the Elev8r. I forgot to get the concentrate pad but will, because this device will be perfect for stacked dabs, something I've really been looking forward to trying out. If you buy the Torch Pete uses in the video and buy what I did you'll have a true on-demand, self-regulated, pure convection vaporizer for under $100. All you'll need is a J-Hook and/or a water piece. Boom!


    Great product, better staff

    I’ve reviewed the Heater tip previously. It is genius, Sliced bread and the wheel come to mind. I love this thing. What I love more is the folks at Sneakypete. I recently had an issue with a product frothier store. I won’t get into the detail. Such things are to be expected as s*** happens. Through my own fault, I was outside the replacement period, and was probably less than cordial to the guy on the other end. I was having a very stressful week or four and he ended up in the way of it. My bad.and my apology to you. Despite this, Sneakypete stepped up and went beyond expectations to solve my problem. I cannot thank them enough for the patience I was shown, nor the help I was given. It was more than an extra mile, maybe 10. Sneakypete is GOOD PEOPLE in my book! It is how I see my friends and you made one.

    John O.
    United States

    I bought it because I broke it

    And that ought to tell you how much I like it. If I break another, I'll buy another. This might be the best herbal vape system I have ever used. It's genius, but it is glass.



    This is my re-review. I bought this to replace one that broke at a party. That one cracked structurally, not because of the party, just at the party. I thought it might have been something I did but this second incident makes me realize it wasn't. I ordered a second tip. After just a few days of very, very careful use, with just me smoking it, and NEVER heating it past 30 seconds, it also has cracked. This is possibly my favorite vaping method ever, however, it does not stand up to what I consider to be very normal use. I really wish it did. Oh well.

    Sneaky Pete Store

    Hey there John, it's worth mentioning that we replaced this no questions asked outside of the warranty period, not something we can do every time but we do our best to help!