• Sneaky Pete Ghost MV1 Bubble Straw
  • Sneaky Pete Ghost MV1 Bubble Straw
  • Sneaky Pete Ghost MV1 Bubble Straw
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Sneaky Pete Ghost MV1 Bubble Straw

$28.97 USD

Sneaky Pete Says:

The Bubble Straw adds one piece water filtration to the Ghost MV1! Simply fill with the logo facing the proper direction, and the Straw will automatically drain to the ideal amount of water. Allow to dry and then scoop some herb into the bowl, then place in your Ghost MV1. With the added water cooling and filtration, you’ll be able to turn your MV1 up to a higher temperature for even bigger hits. The Bubble Straw will provide both cooling and filtration with makes for a much smoother vape. A very reasonably priced way to add significant performance increases to your Ghost MV1. 

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Key Features:

  • works with the Ghost MV1
  • easy to fill, non-spill design
  • provides significant water cooling and filtration
  • no adapter required, one piece design is all you need
  • bowl is large and has great airflow for maximum hit size
  • water cooled vapour is significantly cooler and easier on the throat 
  • to empty or change water, simply hold over a sink and blow through the top 
  • a great way to increase the performance and enjoyment of your MV1