• Healthy Rips Fury 2 Mini Bubbler,Glass -
  • Healthy Rips Fury 2 Mini Bubbler,Glass -
  • Healthy Rips Fury 2 Mini Bubbler,Glass -
  • Healthy Rips Fury 2 Mini Bubbler,Glass -
Healthy Rips

Healthy Rips Fury 2 Mini Bubbler

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$25.97 USD

Sneaky Pete Says:

This Mini Bubbler is a great solution for adding water filtration to your Fury 2!  The Mini Bubbler features a stem with a bowl built right into it, so you don't need a separate adapter and a water piece, this Bubbler has everything you need for a 1-piece solution!  The Fury 2 is capable of producing lots of vapour quickly, and the Mini Bubbler will help to condition the vapour, cooling it down and making it easier on your throat.  

Simply add approximately 1" of water to the main reservoir, then take a few practice pulls to make sure you have the correct amount of water in there.  Next, grab your herb and place it into the bowl, filling it the whole way.  I use a small chopstick to gently pack it into the bowl for best results.  You are going to love hitting your Fury 2 through water!

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Sam Parsons

Cuts down on chamber size

Aside from the fact that this accessory reduces the bowl size by about half (the reason for 2 stars!), it works well and is interesting to look at. Coming from mainly pipe use, I find the vapor from the Fury 2 is cool enough with the standard mouthpiece. The bubbler didn't make THAT much difference. Certainly not enough difference to offset the reduced bowl size. The POTV One has a bubbler and other accessories that do NOT reduce bowl size and they are compatible with the Fury 2. If you MUST have a bubbler, I would recommend one of those. But vapor is not that hot, although a big hit, while inhaling fairly cool, will expand in your chest and often cause coughing.

Dawn Joyner

I so wanted to love this!

I loved the look and function of this piece, so I got it without a second thought since it was from Sneaky Pete. However, I was really disappointed with how the bowl insert portion really shrinks the usable bowl size. It's a lot of work for what is effectively a one-hitter. Great concept, but the reduction in available bowl size makes the execution less-than-stellar. It also arrived late, the carrier kept pushing the date of arrival back by days. I know that's not Pete's fault, but everything about this has added up to one word about buying this = regret. I'm disappointed by this particular product's design and performance. HOWEVER, I DO believe in Sneaky Pete's products in general. Hopefully, the next purchase won't be such a bust and waste of $.

United States

Great addition

It's great! Really smooths out the vapor

Spencer H.
United States

most efficient vpae

Love the Furry 2. Small, easy to carry. Ease of use. You can turn on and it's ready before you secure the mouth piece and it's been the most efficient vape I've owned. I'm finding it hard to put a dent in my stash. I now have bottles upon bottles of really good herb. BEST VAPE EVER!!!


Love it

had to calibrate my water filling technique, but it's easy to clean just put it in a little tub of alcohol and soak overnight, cleaner than my w*lly :)