• Mistvape Touch

Mistvape Touch

$188.97 USD

Sneaky Pete Says:

The MistVape Touch is handcrafted in the USA from American Quilted Maple and designed to provide thick, pure convection vapor on demand! 

The MistVape Touch is one of the first truly on demand pocket vaporizers ever made. The MV Touch is powered by a single removable high-output 18650 battery and reaches vaporization temperature nearly instantly. The MistVape's heater is activated and deactivated through a capacitive touch sensor and a clear side window allows you to view the heating coils as the magic happens. The MV's heating element is the perfect distance from the loading chamber to maintain pure convection heating without any idle cooking of your material, resulting in the utmost flavor production and extraction efficiency. Each MistVape Touch is handcrafted from ultra durable Quilted Maple right here in the American Northwest and due to natural differences in wood grain no two MistVapes will look exactly alike. 

Key Features:

  • Instant Heatup (On Demand)
  • Pure Convection Heating
  • Unique Pocket-Friendly Form
  • Unique Capacitive Touch Control
  • Handcrafted in the American Northwest
  • Durable USA Quilted Maple Exterior
  • Visible Heating Element
  • High-Output 18650 Battery