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Pollen Press

$16.97 USD

Sneaky Pete Says:

Most people use modern multi-layer grinders that collect your pollen at the bottom.  What do you do with that pollen when collected?  Press it!  By pressing it you create  completely new texture of material that is much easier to store, transport, and work with.  The compressed pollen vapes long and slow, has incredibly strong body effects, and adds a rich and earthy taste to your bowl. The compressed pollen cakes will last for months if not years!

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Key Features:

  • all aluminum pollen press
  • 5 piece design (2 caps, 1 tube, 2 spacers)
  • simple and easy
  • hand tighten, let sit in a warm environment, hand tighten, repeat
  • can press over 1g of pollen at a time
  • follow the step by step directions above for best results

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