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Puffco Plus

$99.97 USD

Sneaky Pete says - The Puffco Plus is the second vape pen from Puffco, the follow up device to the Puffco Pro. While the Pro was a great pen for it's time, the coil based chamber led many things to be desired. Material would get stuck to the sides fo the chamber and not vaporize properly, and it would also get trapped under the coil. The Puffco Plus solves those problems as well and improve the overall experience. This features a fully ceramic chamber, with a 'one-piece' design, meaning there is no exporsure to wire or heating discs, the entire bottom of the chamber heats up.  A giant leap in vape pen technology and by far my most used pen!

Puffco’s tagline for the Puffco Pro was ‘the new standard’.  They really did produce a remarkable vape pen.  It was arguably the best single coil vape pen on the market, and it did serve to set a standard to measure other pens by.  But it wasn’t perfect, the coil provides more of a ‘burn’ than a ‘vaporizer’ heating for your wax, and you could have wax get stuck under the coil or to the sides of the chamber which wasn’t optimal, as it got sort of funky and you never got to utilize that material.  The Puffco Plus fixes all of these issues and so many more.  The all-ceramic chamber is one of the kind, as it’s a ‘one-piece’ construction rather than having a plate or donut heat the chamber.  The entire bottom of the chamber heats up, and the Dart helps the heated air achieve a sort of turbulence, resulting in a very even and cool draw.  There are no exposed metal wires in the chamber, meaning your material is only coming in contact with ceramic and air.  Since the entire bottom of the chamber heats up, your material has no choice but to melt down onto the heating area, meaning nothing is wasted!  They really have sought to create a better vape pen experience, and they certainly did.


The Puffco Plus comes complete with a full Plus, an extra capped Plus chamber, USB SuperCharger, instruction manual, and cotton swabs.

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