The Big Shot GT8000 Torch by Blazer

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Sneaky Pete Says:

This is the essential dabber’s torch.  The Big Shot GT8000 has been an industry leader since 1985.  It is made in Japan under very strict quality controls, which you’ll notice the first time you spark its revolutionary piezoelectric ignition button.  The 2500° flame that comes out of the Big Shot’s brass nozzle can be throttled with a precision dial, the lowest setting can carefully heat a DynaVap, the highest level is a large jet flame that can heat thick quartz bangers quickly and efficiently.  The entire nozzle and ignition system is anchored on top of a huge butane tank with a stable foot. 

This is a serious torch, meant for very heavy-duty use and repeated lighting every day for years, even if you don't work it that hard, it's designed to last.  It is the most highly reviewed dabbing torch around, and there’s a good reason why - it is perfect for the job.  This is an investment in the dabbing experience that you will not regret, and quality is worth the price every time.  Get your bangers hot in a hurry with the Big Shot GT8000!

Key Features:

  • easy to refill
  • precision dial flame adjustment
  • made in Japan to strict quality standards
  • revolutionary piezoelectric ignition button
  • rugged brass nozzle, very large butane tank